11 Pablo Fierro Tracks You Should Know

Jan 17, 2023

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Imagine yourself in the Canary Islands, with piercing blue waves crashing behind you and fine, trackless sand beneath your feet. You’re immersing yourself into a groove guided by Pablo Fierro, an island native, master producer, and wizard on the decks. A proper musician, Fierro’s ability to rinse live string instruments centered by tropical atmospherics while projecting a rhythmic flow into his beats is what curates his sound in-house.

For listeners to cross the maestro’s utopia, we’ve compiled 11 tracks we think are a must-listen.

1. Pablo Fierro - Nomada

A track flawlessly seamed to transport a listener into feeling like they’ve reached their destination somewhere in the Amazon, “Nomada” is a sensational groove. Spanning almost eight minutes, the Afro house tune flutters across stirring percussion and ancestral vocal flourishes that channel a pursuit of zealous energy.

2. Pablo Fierro - Before

Released through his newest record labelWe’re Here Music, Pablo Fierro serves up a track that isn’t just danceable — it’s irresistible. “Before” contains wholesome vocals that entice listeners to chant the lyrics and throw their hands in the air. This tune is suited for Tulum parties because of its catchy momentum and syncopated drums, a hallmark of the Fierro style.

3. Bonga - Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Pablo Fierro Remix)

Teleport yourself into the Favelas of Brazil when you press play on this jewel. Pablo Fierro packed this song with aphrodisiacs by layering a galloping acoustic guitar, reverberating congas, and a joyous climactic buildup. The raspy vocals by Bonga breed a cultured yet spicy tone for listeners.

4. Pablo Fierro - Camaleon

With brilliantly uplifting sound design, “Camaleon” embodies a retro feel using playful synths, bouncy percussion, and sparkling restorative melodies. Summery and bright, the drums, chanting vocals, and soaring synth in the back half sew together the ambiance of reaching the apex.

5. Bedouin - Whistleman (Pablo Fierro Remix)

Reworking one of Bedouin’s releases in 2020 satisfies the senses for embarking on a musical passage. Enriched with blossoming frequencies, dark melodies, and tribal undertones, Fierro rips through a wave of emotions with his remix of “Whistleman.” His thumping syncopated drum work is powerful while never distracting from the scintillating vocal.

6. Barbatuques - Baianá (Pablo Fierro Edit)

“Baianá” by Brazillian body percussion group Barbatuques was originally released in 2005 and featured thunderous percussion, a thrilling mouth harp, and haunting vocals. When Fierro first heard it several years later, he immediately started to rework it in his head. It checks off all the boxes for an Afro house rendition. He smartly goes for the less is more approach adding a thumping kick and chugging percussive shakers. Cadenced maracas add a touch of life to the original elements that were made entirely without the use of instruments.

7. Pablo Fierro, Peppe Citarella - El Rey

A collaboration between two cultivated artists such as Pablo Fierro and Italian producer Peppe Citarella is a formula for success. “El Rey” fuses a Latin and Afro house twist, while coating a foreign vocal sample to swoop listeners off their feet. The trumpets rip through the drop while a banging timbale provides the perfect salsa groove.

8. Floyd Lavine - Masala

Yet another bull’s-eye for a blissful rework by Pablo Fierro. Utilizing the function of producing distant voices in a song is genius. In this track, listeners can hear a group of tribe members singing in the background of the bassline. Adding the periodic whistle and surfacing the “bum bum” vocal while gradually delaying those chants truly made this song expressive.

9. Pablo Fierro, Roberto Palmero - Mela

Teaming up with producer and label-head of Pura MusicRoberto Palmero and Pablo Fierro pump out a soulful groove. This track lures the listener into euphoria by incorporating minor yet powerful components like a female’s subtle gasp and the bongos behind the exotic male’s vocal chords.

10. Pablo Fierro - Tembo

Pulling another Pablo Fierro essential off his first released album, Humanidad, via his imprint, WE’RE HERE, listeners can capture the high-octane energy welded into this track. A fierce sound of a vigorous whip is followed by a sing-along drop while vibrating through vivacious harmonies and hip-swinging hi-hats.

11. Pablo Fierro - Reincarnation

The angelic voices of children chanting a chorus for an electrifying tropical house groove in “Reincarnation” is chilling. The intensifying claps from afar, driving kicks, and warped beats summon listeners into a symphonic voyage.

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