For Pablo Fierro Afro House is More than a Genre

Mar 14, 2023

Jonah Flint

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Growing up in the Canary Islands, the spirit of Afro house has always been in Pablo Fierro’s blood. During his childhood, the renowned DJ learned about electronic music through a mishmash of cultures and turned that unique experience into a career full of hits and epic moments on the dance floor. He has been at the forefront of the genre for years, consistently pushing the high-energy, live instrument-heavy style of house music in both his productions and sets.

“Afro house is a lifestyle, and it has turned into a way of life for myself. I think it is going to become the next ‘pop.’ Reggaeton had its turns of being in the ‘pop’ limelight, but I think now it is changing its BPM and making way and opening the doors for Afro and Latin beat, and I think that is amazing because it is going to be a great musical style and it is going to make a lot of people dance.”

Pablo’s opinions on Afro house as a genre and lifestyle are well stated. Afro house is more than just a subsection of electronic music. It is the melding of different cultures and the presentation of a style of music that carries so much weight and culture. As artists like Black Coffee bring it into the mainstream, stewards of the genre like Pablo can step back and appreciate what they have worked on for years and finally be appreciated.

To truly understand the complexity of Afro House, Pablo describes how he feels his sound is representative of many different cultures.

“My sound is a mixture of influences at the end of the day. I have Arabic, African, European, Latin American and Caribbean influences in my signature sound, which is constantly evolving. I find that the best thing to do is get a jump on what is new in the scene and what is taking off and try to own that and make it your own and have other producers copy your style.”

Pablo now focuses on continuing to build up the genre while also using his label, Vida Records, to showcase his music and other upcoming artists that create Afro house.

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