How the Canary Islands Shaped Pablo Fierro's DJ Career

Mar 14, 2023

Jonah Flint

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Pablo Fierro had an upbringing that, by most standards, was quite unique. He began studying music as a teenager growing up on Tenerife, which is part of the Canary Islands. The Islands lie off the South-East coast of Spain, near Africa. Their location gives them a unique population of Europeans, Africans, and Latin Americans.

In the 1990s, a large influx of people arrived in the Canary Islands from the UK, bringing the sounds of house music along with them. “Life in the Canary Islands is very calm. I had a great upbringing. I started my musical journey at 16. My brother had bought a computer and we took turns making music on it since that was the only one we had at home," he told Gray Area. "I remember that even some of the earliest DJs who came to the island would come over and help us install the programs we needed to start producing music.”

Pablo’s upbringing coincided with the aforementioned electronic music boom, giving him a unique perspective as he grew up. breakbeat and Drum & Bass came first, followed by house. The musical culture that grew out of these islands was strong. A unique mix of people and cultures led to a nation brimming with different flavors.

“The influences that can be seen are very rich and diverse, which translates into its strong musical culture. In terms of electronic music specifically, I would say that a lot of the influence and identity comes from the UK.”

As he learned more and more, he quickly found his signature sound and immediately became a sought-after name on the island. He founded a label (Vida Records) and established himself as an international DJ.

Although other countries throughout Europe are more well-known for electronic music, Pablo’s unique musical identity is indebted to the Canary Islands. He remains to this day, loyal to the island and extols the virtues of growing up in such a special place.

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