5 Ben Hemsley Tracks You Should Know

Feb 10, 2023

Sierra Vandervort

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Ben Hemsley is somehow both nostalgic and inventive. His alluring melodies and dance floor scorchers are lighting up clubs all across Europe, thanks partially to his growing roster of A-list fans. Calvin Harris, Eli Brown, Michael Bibi, and Danny Howard have all vouched for Hemsley’s talent, and for undeniable reasons. The Newcastle-born rising dance hero is now taking his blend of trance, house, and techno to worldwide stages and standing out from the masses while he does it.

After launching his record label in 2022, Ben Hemsley is more set on pushing boundaries than ever before. His tracks often find him diving deep into the music that inspires him—classic trance, hopping disco, and more—but with an inspired twist. Hemsley finds a way to reinvent timeless themes for modern music lovers. There’s plenty more to love, but here are five of our favorite Ben Hemsley tracks.

1. "Caress Me"

After he spent hours in the studio fine-tuning his perfect sound, Ben Hemsley was ready to make his debut. His burgeoning skills caught the attention of Lee Foss, label boss of one of the most popular imprints in dance music, Repopulate Mars. Foss signed Hemsley’s debut track, “Caress Me,” which would become an instant hit. The infectious, summery house track was quickly circulating in clubs all across Europe and North America, making it into the setlists of Green Velvet, Michael Bibi, and more. After Danny Howard from BBC Radio 1 heard the track, he called Ben personally to request a live on-air interview. Not bad for a first single.

2. "Through 2 You"

In early 2021, Hemsley unveiled his most considerable release to date with “Through 2 You.” This track is pure sass. With an unrelenting beat and soulful vocals built to power any dance floor. It was a smashing success. The powerhouse record became BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week and remained a favorite track of Radio 1 for some time. “Through 2 You” was also Hemsley’s debut record with dance music titan Ministry of Sound Recordings.

3. "Por La Mañana"

In April 2022, Hemsley launched his label bebé Records. He shared in a press statement that he sought “to revitalize the rave and trance sound that I love so much, bringing it into the 21st century.” To christen his new imprint, Hemsley released the aptly titled EP 1. “Por La Mañana” is the sensual XXXrd track from that EP. It’s a haunting trance banger set in a minor key, right in the sweet spot of 133 BPM. Fellow trance lover and Anjunabeats resident Amy Wiles loved the track so much that she added it to her DJ Mix album. Hemsley also admitted on Instagram that this track was his favorite off the EP.

4. "Erase Me"

“Erase Me” is a sunset-ready, Balearic dream. With sun-soaked melodies and an anthemic hook, this song reflects those magic moments on the dance floor. With its adamant nod to pre-2000s trance, this track landed on Armada Music, the imprint run by trance music king Armin van Buuren. When speaking about the release, Hemsley said, “It’s always very important for me to make a track that feels authentic, like it can stand the test of time. And with ‘Erase Me’, I think I’ve done just that.”

5. "I Feel Love"

This track is great because it gives fans a peek into Hemsley’s talent for driving techno. In this edit, he reworks the classic Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder anthem and gives it hard-hitting techno backing. The song’s iconic vocals float angelically over explosive bass and acid-laced flourishes. It’s a short track; you only have about three minutes before it ends. But in that time, it gains the traction needed to destroy any dance floor. It perfectly confirms Hemsley’s varied talents in the production booth.

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