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United Kingdom
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Michael Bibi’s powerful ascension through the dance music scene hasn’t been easy. The London-based producer/DJ has fought his way to the top through years of honing his craft, forging his own path, and working on himself.

Raised in South London by a dancer and a traveling blues musician, Michael quickly got a taste of how powerful live music could be. He accompanied his father on the road supporting greats like Robert Plant and BB King. When he was 14, he received his first turntable and began experimenting with making his own music in FruityLoops. It quickly became an obsession for him.

When it came to time book gigs, he found himself knocking on every club door he could find, USB in hand, to ultimately no avail. Never one to back down, he gathered £1,000 and rented his own venue, illegally plastering London subway tunnels with posters advertising the event he’d named Solid Grooves. The event took off beautifully, and soon he had his own residency in London’s Vauxhall neighborhood, a ceremonial Sunday morning slot. When labels didn’t want to release his tracks, he again gathered his moxie and launched his own imprint, Solid Grooves Records. In 2018, his edit on the Hunger Games tune “The Hanging Tree” became a global club hit. Soon, the scrappy Brit was selling out shows across Europe and South America.

When the COVID-19 pandemic came crashing down in 2020, Bibi lost debut gigs at Coachella and Glastonbury. Looking back, Bibi says the unexpected crash of everything was necessary for his mental health. These days, he feels more clear headed, and less like the compulsive partier he was before.

With his post-pandemic resurgence, Bibi is still putting his uniquely slick stamp on all his music and events. He garnered huge buzz during Miami Music Week 2022, then a month later packed Coachella’s Yuma Tent, where roughly 3,000 people stood in line to see him. In 2022, he had just launched his residency Solid Grooves at Ibiza’s revered club DC-10. Though he may be partying a little less these days, Michael Bibi still asserts: ​​”I eat, breath, sleep and s**t this music.”

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