The Breakthrough Track that Accelerated Ben Hemsley's Career

Apr 6, 2023

Eric Adams

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In the world of electronic dance music, few artists have made such a significant impact in a short amount of time as Ben Hemsley. Hailing from Newcastle, England, this young DJ and producer's unique sound, blending house, rave, and trance elements, has quickly captivated fans and industry heavyweights alike. A testament to his talent, dedication, and passion is one milestone moment that stands out in his blossoming career: the release of his debut track, "Caress Me."

In 2019, Ben Hemsley found himself at a crossroads. He had honed his skills behind the decks and in the studio, fueled by his love for dance music and his desire to create something genuinely original. What he needed was a breakthrough, a defining moment to propel his career forward. Little did he know that it would come in the form of a track that would soon become synonymous with his name.

"Caress Me" was the result of countless hours spent in his modest home studio, experimenting with sounds, beats, and melodies. The track was a labor of love, encapsulating the essence of what Ben Hemsley was all about – a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary dance music. With its infectious bassline and catchy vocal samples, "Caress Me" was destined to make waves in the electronic music scene.

However, a great track is nothing without the right platform. Ben's fortunes changed when Lee Foss, the founder of Repopulate Mars, stumbled upon "Caress Me" and immediately recognized its potential. Foss signed the track, giving it the exposure it deserved and catapulting Ben Hemsley into the limelight.

The impact of "Caress Me" was nothing short of phenomenal. It quickly climbed the Beatport charts, reaching #7 in tech house and #15 overall. It received significant airplay on BBC Radio 1, with Danny Howard inviting Ben for a live interview. It wasn't long before other industry giants like Green Velvet, Eli Brown, Michael Bibi, and Patrick Topping added "Caress Me" to their playlists, making it one of the summer's hottest tracks.

The release of "Caress Me" marked a turning point in Ben Hemsley's career. It validated his talent, opening doors to new opportunities and laying the foundation for a promising future. From playing alongside electronic music royalty to earning residencies at esteemed venues such as Ibiza Rocks, Ben has continued to build on this milestone moment. As his journey unfolds, there's no doubt that Ben Hemsley's name will be etched in the annals of electronic music history, and it all began with the unforgettable track, "Caress Me."

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