5 Fun Facts About Cloonee

Jul 29, 2022

Victoria Silva

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While Cloonee has already made quite the name for himself in the electronic music scene, there’s still a good amount that fans and listeners don’t know about him. He’s traveled far and wide and performed his music for thousands, but what’s behind the tech house mastermind? Here are five things you didn’t know about the up-and-comer.

1. He runs his own imprint, Hellbent Records.

Before the launch of Hellbent, Cloonee had already been working on a series of self-releases under CLNE. Hellbent is a more all-encompassing extension of CLNE. It will house a ton of his highly-requested unreleased IDs and music from more underground, lesser-known artists around the world. He’s already signed tunes from some of the most notable rising stars in the scene, including a slinky rework of Brazillian classic Mas Que Nada called “Maracatu” by Duarte & ENNE and “Housemusic,” a thumping minimal tech number from fellow Black Book Records signee NightFunk featuring Jess Kidd.

2. All of the artwork for his self-releases are his ideas.

In an interview with Mr. Afterparty, Cloonee shares that all the artwork for CLNE singles are conceptualized by him and his flatmate, who is a graphic designer. They sit together and brainstorm ideas. Cloonee boasts that his flatmate is the best at bringing his ideas to life.

3. He loves to go fishing.

Maybe a bit random but one of Cloonee’s favorite hobbies is fishing. He specifically likes fly fishing (for trout), and according to him, the UK isn’t the best for fly fishing, so he would go to Ireland to fish as often as he could. This activity is near and dear to his heart because it was something he would always do with his grandad growing up, which brings us to the following fun fact.

4. His grandfather inspired his stage name.

As an extension of the above story, Cloonee has shared that the person he looks up to most in his life is his grandfather. The name “Cloonee” is inspired by Cloone Lake, the lake in Ireland where his grandfather always took him fishing. He grew up frequenting that lake, and his grandfather is someone who inspired him in many ways, so his stage name is a tribute to him.

5. Discovering new music is one of his major hobbies.

In an interview with Fabric London, Cloonee shares that his favorite way to discover new music is through SoundCloud. He spends hours diving down the rabbit hole of music from smaller, undiscovered artists. He’s found a ton of great tracks by going to a more prominent artist's SoundCloud profile and clicking their “following” list and then going through them and checking out those artists liked songs.

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