5 Tracks that Made Cloonee a Tech House Super Star

5 Tracks that Made Cloonee a Tech House Super Star

Jul 29, 2022

Victoria Silva

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UK producer and DJ Cloonee is on a fast track to icon status due to his undeniable ability to get people moving on the dance floor. Cloonee has released an avalanche of bangers over the past few years, all injected with slinky sub basslines, infectious vocal samples, and a serious ear for spicy percussion. And while his growing catalog drips with sexy dance floor-filling singles, we picked five tracks that catapulted him into the tech house spotlight (in no particular order).

1. Cloonee - The Ciggie (2018)

"The Ciggie" was released in December 2018 and is one of Cloonee's first chart-toppers. While his track "Separated," released in 2016, had done quite well, it didn't even come close to the success of "The Ciggie." Released on the stalwart tastemaker Solid Grooves, not only is his highest streaming tune, it gives an early taste of his penchant for wonky sub bass and crispy drums.

2. Cloonee & Wade - Mi Amor (2021)

"Mi Amor" is a crowd favorite and will undoubtedly get an entire room moving within seconds. Released on CLNE, Cloonee's series of self-releases it's a collaboration with Spanish producer Wade. The track masterfully samples a Spanish horn which Cloonee says was an unintended addition to the song, which is perfectly on brand for this pair. The two threw ideas back and forth for nearly a year before they were happy with it. In an interview with Mr. Afterparty, the duo talks about how they have more music together that probably won't ever see the light of day. They expand on the fact that it wasn't necessarily the track that took a long time to make but more so creating something together they could actually release.

3. Cloonee - Sun Goes Down (2021)

"Sun Goes Down" is another undeniable club banger released by Cloonee in January of 2021. Sampling the classic "Sound of Violence" by French duo Cassius, released initially in 2002, it was an instant hit when Cloonee teased it before its release. After two years in his collection and countless messages from fans badgering him about the release, it came out strong under Big Beat Records.

4. Cloonee - Get Stupid (2020)

"Get Stupid" is a super funky and playful track released by CLNE in August 2020. The 90's boom bap hip hop vocals give it a decidedly vintage feel while maintaining a sound that's become a hallmark of Cloonee.

5. Chris Lake, Cloonee - Nightmares (2022)

Although this track is super fresh and was just released this year, the official collaboration with house music legend Chris Lake will cement Cloonee's spot as a tech house superstar for years to come. The track was released under Chris Lake's Black Book Records in May 2022 – Friday, the 13th, to be exact, which is fitting for the song's spooky vibes. This collaboration is quite the accomplishment for Cloonee, a long-standing fan of Chris Lake.

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