5 Guy Mantzur Tracks Every Deep/Progressive Fan Should Know

Jun 14, 2023

John Cameron

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Even though his career extends back to the ‘90s, Guy Mantzur continues to rise through the ranks of the worldwide dance music industry. His compelling style of deep and progressive house touches hearts and wins fans over wherever he goes.

Guy hails from Tel Aviv and is known to advocate for Israel’s booming nightlife scene. By no means has he limited himself to the place where he came of age, however. In recent memory, Guy has paid visits to clubs and festivals throughout Europe as well as North and South America.

Alongside Yaniv Tal, Guy also cofounded a record label called PlattenBank in 2007. With over 100 releases, the Munich, Germany-based imprint has played no small part in platforming promising talent from across the globe.

Guy’s own music certainly sets a high bar. Dancing elegantly between progressive and deep house, it successfully marries familiar world music elements with sounds of a seemingly distant future.

If you’re not yet familiar with the discography of Israeli DJ and producer Guy Mantzur, this is a great place to start. Below are five tracks that offer a cursory introduction to his captivating style of electronic music.

1. Guy Mantzur, Tamir Regev - Moongazer

A drama plays out in your mind’s eye when “Moongazer” is cued up. A collaboration between Guy and Tamir Regev, its heartstring-tugging melody is matched only by its crisp production. Without discernible words being uttered in the vocal refrain that rings out sparingly throughout the composition, the track manages to tell a somber story of sorts.

2. Black Coffee - Wish You Were Here ft. Msaki (Guy Mantzur Remix)

It’s no easy job to do a Black Coffee track justice. The South African DJ and producer has emerged as a global superstar for his distinctive style of house music. It’s safe to say Guy was up to the task at hand, however. His soft melodies allow Msaki’s angelic verses to shine without fading into the background altogether. It was a tightrope walk, but Guy Mantzur’s remix went the distance with calculated poise.

3. Hernan Cattaneo, Guy Mantzur - Imaginarium

You know an artist brings something special to the table when Hernan Cattaneo is keen to collaborate with them. The Argentinian DJ and producer is a beloved fixture in progressive house who frequently tours around the world. “Imaginarium” sees the two producers embark on a journey through space and time. It undergoes a vibrant metamorphosis, with warm basses, rich instrumentals, and psychedelic synth sounds leading the way.

4. Guy Mantzur, Roy Rosenfeld - Epika

Guy’s celebrated 2015 collaboration with Roy Rosenfeld could seemingly be heard everywhere in the years after it came out. The simple yet effective lead in “Epika” made it a ubiquitous staple in deep and progressive house sets. While he usually opts for intricate and layered compositions, Guy proved that sometimes less is more with this collaboration.

5. Guy Mantzur, Khen - Children With No Name ft. Kamila

Kamila’s soulful vocal is the heart and soul of Guy Mantzur’s collaboration with Khen titled “Children With No Name.” It takes an expert ear for music production to incorporate elements that make it shine even brighter. Guy accomplished this and took it a step further. With an exhilarating bass line and upbeat percussion, “Children With No Name” also elicits an undeniable response on any dance floor.

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