A 5-Track Cross Section of Guy Mantzur’s Label, Plattenbank

Jun 14, 2023

John Cameron

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Guy Mantzur is a bonafide figurehead of Israeli electronic music. Having performed in and around Tel Aviv since the ’90s, he proudly advocates for the city’s thriving underground scene.

It might come as a surprise, then, that Guy is the co-founder of a label based in Munich, Germany. He and Yaniv Tal started PlattenBank in 2007; the label takes its name from a record store they used to run. At first, it served primarily as an artist imprint for Guy’s releases. It was only a matter of time before it grew into something much bigger.

Today, PlattenBank sits at over 100 releases from artists across the globe, including Sebastien Leger, Guy J, Monkey Safari, and Super Flu. The label champions a worldly fusion of deep and progressive house with universal appeal. Expert sound design and emotive melodies are hallmarks of its ever-growing discography.

If you’re new to PlattenBank, you might be wondering where to start. Read on for five tracks that offer an introduction to Guy Mantzur and Yaniv Tal’s celebrated record label.

1. Temple Gate - Small Heath

Buenos Aires artist Temple Gate delivered the slow-burning “Small Heath” in 2023. Atmospheric synths paint a nostalgic backdrop throughout most of the single, only giving way to vocodered vocals and hard kick drums in the second half. Sparing elements of techno help set off the song’s contemplative melodies and patient tempo.

2. Kamilo Sanclemente, Dabeat - Seriously

With its 303-reminiscent bass line and stuttered vocal chops, “Seriously” was a standout PlattenBank release. Choir-like vocals evolve into less conventional vocal refrains around the same time a factory alarm-like synth sounds off in robotic succession. “Seriously” is the kind of track that undergoes radical changes over the course of its eight-minute runtime, all without betraying its core motif.

3. Marcelo Vasami, Figueras - Chaotic

Oddly enough, “Chaotic” stands out as one of the more serene PlattenBank tracks in recent memory. Warm and organic sound design elements layer on one after another, soft melodies offset by resonant percussion that gently echoes its way up and down the dynamic range. Even the track's peak is subtle and restrained — which is not to say it will do anything short of deliver on the dance floor. A wide range of effects and loops weave their way through the arrangement, which manages to sound cohesive nonetheless.

4. Kamilo Sanclemente, Juan Pablo - Ghost Train

“Ghost Train” is the perfect title for this strong offering by Kamilo Sanclemente and Juan Pablo. Lightly dissonant effects catch the listener’s attention as soon as they cue it up. These give way to a melody that evokes imagery of a futuristic utopia, but these once again give way to relatively dark themes. This tug of war between light and dark continues throughout the nine-minute track, with spoken word samples and eerie gasps offsetting effervescent synth work.

5. Will DeKeizer - Emerald

Will DeKeizer’s “Emerald” brings psychedelic elements to a label otherwise known for earthy and organic fare. Techno-reminiscent sound effects abound in this notable entry of the Plattenbank discography. “Route 66” and “Bend Time” both appeared on the release as well. Each is worth a listen, as is every track on the PlattenBank discography.

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