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Guy Mantzur, hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, is a revered figure in the global house music scene. With a career stretching back to the 1990s, his unique sound - a harmonious blend of progressive, tech house, and deep house - has resonated with fans worldwide.

Growing up, Mantzur was surrounded by the infectious energy of Tel Aviv's bustling music scene. He cut his teeth in local clubs and outdoor parties that were frequently held in the city during the 90s. Initially focusing on chillout music, his exposure to a broad spectrum of electronic music through his local DJ network led to a musical evolution.

His passion and talent were recognized in 2013 when he was crowned "Israel's Best Underground DJ" at the XL Awards. This accolade came during his residency at the renowned Cat & Dog nightclub in Tel Aviv, a testament to his influence and the high regard in which he's held in his hometown's thriving music community.

Mantzur's music has graced celebrated labels such as John Digweed's Bedrock and Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream. His collaborations and remix work with artists like Black Coffee have further cemented his position in the house music world along with having a massive streaming catalog. In addition, he co-founded Plattenbank, a Munich-based record label that continues to promote emerging talents in the electronic music scene.

In 2019, Mantzur embarked on an exciting project, announcing the launch of Moments, a party concept and label focusing on creating a comfortable environment where people could come together, spend time together, experience great innovative music together and feel at home. The inaugural Moments event was held at Shalvata TLV, promising a "musical picnic" on the sunny beach of Tel Aviv. This initiative exemplifies his passion for creating a community for music lovers to share experiences and unforgettable moments.

While he is a magician in the studio, Mantzur has played on international stages at venues and festivals like Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Hï Ibiza, and the Mixmag Lab.

Throughout his career, Mantzur has remained an ardent advocate for Israel's vibrant electronic music scene. Despite global perceptions, he insists that cities like Tel Aviv are peaceful and pulsate with "chill vibes". This dedication to his roots, coupled with his global outreach, ensures that Guy Mantzur's name will continue to resonate on dancefloors worldwide.

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