5 Thumpin' Tracks From Roger Sanchez’s UNDR THE RADR

Austin Miller

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5 Thumpin' Tracks From Roger Sanchez’s UNDR THE RADR

When the name UNDR THE RADR appears in Dance Music circles, crowd-moving underground sounds are sure to follow. The label, started by long-time industry trailblazer, Roger Sanchez, was first launched in 2014 and has since released more than 230 of the scene’s most exciting underground tracks.

Sanchez once shared in an interview, “There has been so much crossover in the explosion of electronic dance music, and with mass appeal, things often get diluted. I think the integrity and vibrancy of dance music’s underground legacy, both sonically and lyrically, are essential to keep moving to that new thing.”

That dedication to preserving dance music’s boundary-pushing origins has played an undeniable role in the continued expansion of new sounds in an increasingly trend-oriented market.

As purveyors of a united international dance music community, we felt it only right to highlight the label committed to sharing the explorative themes that permeate the underground regardless of sub-genre lines. Check out five of our favorite UNDR THE RADR tracks below.

S-Man and Robbie Rivera - Wake Up

Robbie Rivera & S-MAN Roger Sanchez Wake up

UNDR THE RADR is where Roger turned to re-introduce his notorious S-Man alias. Here we find the dark, dirty, bass-driven alter-ego team up with Robbie Rivera on a dizzying tech house cut that will confound even the most seasoned listener.

Uch - Genius Of House (Sam Divine Remix)

Astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “You must know the past to understand the future.” This hypnotic house track pays homage to the roots of dance music with its bi-tonal synth lines and venerating vocal sample.

Carnao Beats- Cabasa

Carnao Beats - Cabasa

Sanchez once noted that UNDR THE RADR is for anything coming from the underground, below the club level. This track is so deep it just might be under the underground.

Espinal & Nova- Sunshine

Dance music’s roots are steeped in soul. Espinal & Nova combine the impassioned expression of the old with the driving energy of the new in this absolute roller of a tune.

Roger Sanchez and Jacky- What I Mean

What I Mean (Original Mix)

You won’t have a dance music career spanning more than three decades if you can’t get the party started. Sanchez teams up with UK producer Jacky on this infectious groove dripping in fun and begging to be loosed on your next soiree.

Bonus Beat: Karsten Sollors and KC Ortiz- Ride Ride

If there was ever a track that couldn’t be contained within the confines of a club, it’s this one. Karsten Sollors partnered with vocalist KC Ortiz to deliver this carnal cut guaranteed to make you feel fifty shades of fine and then some.

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