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5 Tracks that Define the Sound of Eastenderz

Oct 10, 2022

Mike Giegerich

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East End Dubs is a prolific DJ and producer in the London house scene, but he’s also a tastemaker who founded the essential label Eastenderz in 2014. With a slew of acclaimed releases in the past eight years, it’s a key tastemaker and deep tech leader across the UK and Europe. Alongside the label’s work inside the studio, Eastenderz also hits the stage in locales ranging from Manchester to the sacred grounds of Ibiza, bringing its tastemaking ethos in tow wherever it goes.

With self-released work from East End Dubs alongside releases from the likes of Okain and Nami, to name a few, there are almost 50 Eastenderz releases to dig into, but we’re making it easy for you with the top five tracks from East End Dubs and company.

Okain - Flyaa

Paris-via-Berlin producer Okain offers a brilliant, standout highlight from the 6 Years of Eastenderz Pt. 2 compilation. Alongside tracks from names familiar to East End Dubs fans like Chris Stussy, Rossi, and Cuartero, it’s a warm and organic single that makes digital music feel downright human.

Wickham - Mello

Hailing from the first half of the 6 Years of Eastenderz compilation, Wickham provides one of the most intense, utterly energetic entries in the Eastenderz catalog. The track is anything but mellow with a lead propulsive enough to be rocket-powered, sprinkled with further ecstatic flourishes that make “Mello” a can’t-miss cut.

East End Dubs - Nightingale

From the head of Eastenderz himself comes “Nightingale.” Found on the 31st entry in the label’s sprawling catalog, it makes for a mesmerizing journey that rarely strays from its core components and remains grounded in a consistent groove. As a wise man once said, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Nami - Cosmonaut

Looking back to 2016 for the inaugural ENDZ001, one will find “Cosmonaut,” a fittingly titled single with space-bound aspirations. Nami’s production almost sounds analog as the percussion has ample room to breathe and expand across its runtime, giving electronic music a biotic jolt. It’s perpetually compelling and is a deserving debut for the Eastenderz ENDZ series.

Pascal Benjamin - Triggered Feet

“Triggered Feet” is from Eastenderz’ most recent ENDZ project, and it’s also some of the label’s finest. Amsterdam-based producer Pascal Benjamin methodically weaves his way through snappy production that mimics the winding path to finding a friend on the dancefloor; adrenaline-pumping, trance-inducing, and ultimately arriving at a rewarding conclusion.

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