6 House Tracks that Tell the East End Dubs Story

Nov 1, 2022

Staley Sharples

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East End Dubs stands out amongst his peers for a variety of reasons, from his successful career running multiple labels (East End Dubs, Eastenderz, and Social) to building the profiles of artists like Priku, Sidney Charles, and Arapu alongside his own legendary project. One of the key elements that makes East End Dubs’ approach unique, however, is his focus on how his own tracks resonate with live audiences.

This dedication to the dancefloor truly sets the Londoner’s sound apart from the rest. Teasing IDs in his live sets, East End Dubs has built a dedicated following to his minimalist, club-ready rhythms—many of which never see an official release. Shaping the style of modern house for the past decade, East End Dubs is known for his irresistible grooves.

When you explore the discography of the producer and DJ, originals and edits alike help tell the sonic story behind the UK tastemaker. East End Dubs has released on some of the most prestigious house music labels such as Hot Creations, Act Natural, and his own imprint Eastenderz. Go behind the tracks to hear how the eclectic UK artist has developed into the auteur he’s known as today.

1. bRave

“bRave” is East End Dubs’ “most-listened track,” recently gaining new fans after its inclusion in Disclosure’s “DJ Kicks” mix in late 2021. The song, released via FUSE London, was one of the producer’s most sought-after IDs thanks to its kicky rhythm and radial synths. “bRave” caught the attention of FUSE London label head Enzo Siragusa, who managed to convince East End Dubs to finally share it. Siragusa’s remix on the EP offers a unique garage take on the tune.

2. Bossy

East Ends Dubs’ Kelis edit ignites dancefloors whenever he drops it. He cites it as one of his most-played tunes on SoundCloud (it’s currently sitting at 420,000 streams).

3. Dis

“Dis,” the opener off the A Bit Dandy EP, is East End Dubs’ first release on Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations record label. The stuttered vocal chops and dancefloor-ready tech house bassline were precursors to set staples “Bossy” and “Goodies,” his edits of the Kelis and Ciara tunes of the same name.

4. Finnsbury

East End Dubs 001 dropped on the producer’s eponymous label in 2012, comprised of tracks “Finnsbury” and “Bird Lime.” The former feels more in line with what East End Dubs’ sound would evolve into over the years, offering an early look at the artist’s developing sonic expression.

5. London Thing

Releasing on his own East End Dubs label, “London Thing” is an ode to the UK house producer’s beloved hometown. Chunky bass and a minimalist synth melody reflect the moody and inviting warehouses and nightclubs of the city, where house music continues to evolve. “London Thing” is yet another step in that evolution; it represents the DJ-focused approach East End Dubs takes with his sound.

6. Stranger

This meditative, pacing track is from the She Loves It EP, released via Huxley’s acclaimed label Act Natural Records. East End Dubs shines for his versatility on the tune, showing a different side of his style.

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