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East End Dubs

United Kingdom
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Based in the UK, East End Dubs considers himself a DJ first and producer second. He started down this path 15 years ago when he first started spinning records. The DJ has a specialty for picking the classics and mixing in the most timeless of tracks. He can be found performing all around the world from small shows to huge festivals.

According to trommel, East End Dubs’ home studio consists of two halves. One half is for mastering the art of DJing and the other half is solely for production purposes. “Everything in this studio is designed for me to be a better DJ. You may see photos of my studio and think of me as a producer but it’s all in the name of art. DJing is an art. Making music is an art. At the end of the day, I’m an artist” (trommel)

East End Dubs takes quite the interesting approach to producing. In an interview with Resident Advisor, Chase explains that he cuts little holes into his vinyls in order to create glitchy textures. “When you put it behind a normal track the results can be quite interesting” (Resident Advisor).

The producer moved to London over two decades ago but decided to move outside of the city in order to be able to afford more space for his massive studio set up. He mentions that a space that large in the city would have been far out of his price range.

Prior to putting out music as East End Dubs, Chase was a regular at two of London’s most popular nightclubs, Turnmills and The Cross. East End Dubs was born in 2012 when Chase was creating a lot of dub-influenced house music and wasn’t sure what to call it. His friend suggested East End Dubs and the rest is history.