5 East End Dubs Collabs and Remixes You Need to Know

Nov 1, 2022

Mike Giegerich

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London-based DJ and producer East End Dubs has an expansive solo catalog, but he’s also delighted the house scene with a range of collaborations and remixes that widen the scope of an already diverse sound. He’s worked extensively with the likes of Rich NxT, who has appeared on East End Dubs’ Eastenderz label, a notion that lends itself to synergy between two familiar artists combining their creative forces.

East End Dubs has also looked north to remix Lauren Lo Sung while jumping across the North Sea to work with Fabe, artistically traveling beyond his London stomping grounds.

While there are plenty of stellar releases to choose from over the last decade, we’ve narrowed down East End Dubs’ top five collaborations and remixes. Prepare for a tight mix of club weapons and otherworldly bliss.

1. Rich NxT, East End Dubs - E3

Released via the essential FUSE London, “E3” is the front half of The Four Slip EP between Rich NxT and East End Dubs. While the subsequent “Bubbles” is a potent cut, “E3” is the undeniable highlight as a stark, minimalist groove gives way to exuberant synth flashes before circling back to a darker aesthetic at the halfway mark. It’s as eclectic as house music comes and marks a key release in East End Dubs’ collection.

2. East End Dubs, Fabe (Ger) - Stargaze

A cross-continental collaboration with German producer Fabe, “Stargaze” lives up to its celestial namesake. Heady, exospheric pads roll across the single with wonderment and take the club off-world. As the first track off the East End Dubs Collaborations EP, it’s also arguably the project’s best.

3. Lauren Lo Sung - Hypnotise (East End Dubs Remix)

From Liverpool to London, East End Dubs takes Lauren Lo Sung’s lush “Hypnotise” and flips it into a sharp, technical slice of his signature house sound. While respecting the original single, he imbues it with unmistakable East End Dubs character and adds to the excitement of a standout release on Lauren Lo Sung’s own LOLiFE UK imprint.

4. Sleek & Cheek - Go Home (East End Dubs Remix)

It requires a deep dive into the back of East End Dubs’ catalog, but it’s worth the digging as his flip of Sleek & Cheek’s “Go Home” is a sludgy highlight. With a weighty, slowed-down groove, the remix feels less like a headline-set stunner and more like an understated staple of an all-night marathon. Sometimes the best music is on the road less traveled.

5. East End Dubs, Cuartero - Static Sea

Bookending this list with the closing track of the East End Dubs Collaborations EP, “Static Sea,” is a glitchy joy of a single that’s downright uncanny in its early stages before evolving into something more familiar (and more catchy). It all makes for a rewarding closing stretch where the oppositional aesthetics fuse into one anthemic outing.

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