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Alexander Dias

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Wade’s remarkable rise to the top of the tech-house game over a few years has been marked by a string of thumping releases on highly respected labels. His slinky beats are informed by a hip-hop sensibility and anchored by wavy basslines. He’s become a sought-after producer. And with collaborations on the books with coveted artists like Solardo, Cloonee, and Jay Lumen he’s undoubtedly captured a sound that pulsates with a unique spirit.

#DanceForLife WADE

He grew up listening to flamenco music, a traditional southern Spanish musical style. He still finds inspiration in Spanish music and grasps at any opportunity to use traditional instruments in his music. You can hear it in the slinky Spanish horn sample in “Mi Amor” his recent collaboration with UK tech-house heavyweight.

His background in music goes back to his school days. He says he studied music but, “I never focused on music outside of classes.” 

It wasn’t until he attended his first dance music event that he fell in love with house and began to soak up everything that the culture could offer him. “I remember the first time I went to an electronic music party, I totally fell in love with that music. I realized it was the music that I liked the most, the one that I most identified with.”

He picked up Djing soon after but wasn’t truly devoted to any one musical style. He drifted between pop, electro, and Latin house. He didn’t dedicate focus to one musical style until he began producing tech-house in 2011.

His trajectory follows the old adage “overnight success takes about ten years.” In the last five, he’s racked up an impressive resume of accolades. He’s released music with revered labels like Relief, Sola, Armada Subjekt, Snatch!, and Black Book. He’s held down remix duties for fellow Spanish artist David Guetta and had the kings of UK progressive Camelphat remix him.

“When great artists of the electronic scene started playing my music,” he says of the support he’s received from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Marco Corolla, Chris Lake, and Paco Osuna, “I realized that I could really take advantage of my talent and make a career in the music industry.” 

He’s since logged an impressive amount of frequent flyer miles playing in clubs from Australia to Argentina. But his favorite shows are with his beloved hot hometown brand, elrow. He’s most at home on the elrow stage among the pageantry and non-stop barrage of colorful performers. He says, “I like what elrow parties transmit. I always enjoy them because the theme is super fun.”

As the gigs begin to flood back in, Wade will continue to see the fruits of his labor flourish. He’s stayed busy throughout quarantine. He’s released music at an impressive clip. And as we begin to return to normal, Wade’s name will undoubtedly stay on the lips of the industry.

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