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For ardent house music fans, Chris Lake is more than just a familiar name; he's an institution. This artist and DJ has managed to continuously redefine the boundaries of house music, ensuring that he remains both relevant and innovative in an ever-evolving genre.

Raised amidst the pulsating beats of house, Chris's musical journey is an amalgamation of dedication, passion, and unyielding love for the craft. His discography speaks volumes. With chart-toppers such as “Turn Off The Lights,” Chris has consistently delivered tracks that resonate with the masses. But his artistry isn't confined to the studio. Chris's vision led to the inception of the acclaimed Black Book Records imprint, a platform dedicated to nurturing both emerging and established talents.

Recent updates in Chris's illustrious career indicate a new venture that has sent ripples through the industry. 'Under Construction' is not just an event; it's an epoch. Collaborating with the iconic Australian maestro, FISHER, 'Under Construction' promises to be the next big thing in the house music festival circuit. Taking over the MegaMirage stage for its festival debut on Friday, September 1, the brand aims to amalgamate Chris Lake & FISHER'S distinct styles. The festival will spotlight their favorite artists, and attendees will be treated to a special back-to-back set.

FISHER, renowned for his Catch & Release label and Grammy-nominated smash "Losing It,” brings his unparalleled energy to this collaboration. Together, the duo's combined vision for 'Under Construction' is set to elevate house music festivals' standard. It represents a coming-together of two industry titans, each known for their distinct and invaluable contributions.

In conclusion, Chris Lake, with his incredible journey from a young house music enthusiast to an industry titan and his recent collaboration in 'Under Construction,' continues to shape the future of the house music genre. And if the past is any indication, the future looks incredibly promising. House music fans, brace yourselves, because with Chris Lake, the construction never stops, and the best is yet to come!


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