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Gray Area Guide to All Things Hippy Ibiza

Mar 13, 2023

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Despite being world famous as a dance music destination, Ibiza also shines a beacon of spiritual love and light for many.

A movement that started way back in the 60’s, hippies and peace seekers began flocking from America and Europe, hunting out a little rest-bite from the mundane, and the repression of mainland Spain.

From then, Ibiza’s doors were well and truly open, and the freedom-thinking crowd soon started to establish itself across the island. It wasn’t long before markets, bars and beaches became hippy hangouts and hubs, some still here to this day.

Still a place closely knitted with the wellness and spirituality scene, there's a thriving community that offers a world of creation and connection from the heart.

Yes, in today’s world there has been some dilution from the original days, however there are still many ways to experience the authentic, bohemian spirit of the island, as well as gain a greater understanding of your own.

Here we share how you can experience those true hippie, free-spirited vibes, as the old and new harmonise upon the magical, magnetic rock that is Ibiza.

The Hippie Market and Las Dalias

Established in the early 70’s, Punta Arabi, located in Es Canar, is the original Ibiza Hippie Market. Set out amongst a forest-lined track, it has long been a sanctuary for creative folk to seek and share home-crafted and individually selected wares.

Every Wednesday, local artisans sell their hand-made crafts and designs, crystals, jewellery and trinkets for the passing crowds. With live music and food trucks, this family friendly oasis isn’t somewhere for just a fleeting visit but for a whole day of fun.

Further inland on the edge of the quaint village of San Carlos, Las Dalias has come far from its road-side bar beginnings. Over the years it established its roots within the community before the music was heard further afield and its popularity increased. Jam sessions were regularly held here, with it being rumoured that Bob Marley may have joined one himself.

Las Dalias

Now, it offers a home to its own hippie market, along with events and shows that all showcase true expression and freedom. On the weekends you can experience the market as the main feature within these beautiful grounds.

Then throughout the week, the market remains but shrinks in size, as room is made for an incredible collection of musical artists. From early evening you can meet one of the most smiley, joyful and pure spirited crowds the island offers and join the vibe on the open air dancefloor.

Clubbing and Dancing

If you’re looking for a pure celebration of the decades of peace and love, then Flower Power Ibiza is the place to go. Outfits are key to the fun, frolics and sing-along tunes this party offers, so make sure your ensemble is on point. Normally hosted every Monday at Pacha, in 2022 Cova Santa held two special Flower Power events, so watch this space for 2023!

Flower Power @ Pacha, Ibiza

Shifting gears into the fast lane of spiritual awakening, Cosmic Pineapple is a magical monthly affair held throughout the grounds of the legendary Pikes. Like a retreat from the hustle of life, this is a full day immersion to ignite the soul.

From late afternoon you can attend wellbeing workshops and talks with Tribe elders to open the mind, or enjoy massage and energy healing sessions in the garden. The energetic journey continues as live music and DJs then take the party into the night.

Cosmic Pineapple @ Pikes, Ibiza

Reminiscent of a beach in Goa, Benirrás Beach drumming is a sanctum to those who hold the hippie spirit truly in their hearts. Famed for these incredible jam sessions, the beach comes alive in true celebration. The traffic stopping Sunday sessions are no longer, however you will still find the drumming circle spirit there on other nights.

The Drums of Benirrás

At sundown you can join the barefoot crew for a dance of freedom on the sand, or you may even receive an invitation to make some noise yourself.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga @ Es Vedra, Ibiza

If you’re wanting to experience true peace, love and connection then yoga and meditation is the path to follow. With its magnitude increased tenfold thanks to Ibiza’s entrancing rock Es Vedrà, it’s a mind and body vibe like no other.

Luckily there are plenty of options for you to experience the wonder yourself, all catered to your own preferences.

For those who prefer studio sessions with no interruptions from the outside world then Ashram Ibiza, located in Santa Eularia, shares a range of expertly led classes.

If you’re looking to begin your day nurtured and nourished, then both Amante Ibiza, nestled on the cliffs above Sol Den Serra beach and Beachouse Ibiza on the Playa d’en Bossa sands, are the morning call you need.

Amante, Ibiza

For a personal experience of the magical mama’s energy, why not enjoy a one-one of group class with friends as you gaze out upon the glorious Es Vedrà. Like a direct hit of pure connection, this is an experience like no other.

Finally if you’d prefer to simply open your villa doors and be welcomed upon the mat, then a yoga and meditation class delivered to your door is the answer. Either option and more are available with YogaLove Ibiza.

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