A Timeline of Julian Jeweil's Drumcode Releases

Jun 27, 2023

John Cameron

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French DJ and producer Julian Jeweil started building his eclectic yet cohesive techno discography in 2007. In the years that followed, he released on such celebrated imprints as Cocoon Recordings, Plus 8 Records, Form, and Tronic.

It wasn’t until a decade later that he landed on the label whose support would help launch his career. Drumcode is the historic platform founded by Adam Beyer in 1996. It has given a home to music by artists like Pig&Dan, Wehbba, Amelie Lens, and Enrico Sangiuliano and is the highest selling techno label and third highest selling label overall on Beatport.

A release on Drumcode is often enough to launch a producer’s career. Imagine, then, the impact of five of them. Drumcode’s support has truly been an asset to Julian Jeweil. On the flip side, the label is just as privileged to have his music.

Julian Jeweil’s relationship with Drumcode has already been a long and fruitful one. Cue up each of the five tracks below for a sonic timeline of his releases on the label.

1. Venice

“Venice” appeared on the Rolling EP, Julian Jeweil’s celebrated Drumcode debut — and the label’s first release of 2017. Unlike the largely percussive fare making up the rest of the tracklist, the single grabbed listeners’ attention with a just-catchy-enough synth melody that unfolds over the course of its runtime. Jeweil knew the gravity of this opportunity. It’s safe to say he made it count.

2. Answer

Less than a year after his Drumcode debut, it was obvious that the label needed to give him a follow-up. That record was Space, a five-track EP that came out the following September. “Answer” in particular was such a strong offering that Adam Beyer himself tested it out on the 368th episode of Drumcode Radio Live. Its driving sawtooths and cosmic atmospheres give it an earworm quality that makes it linger in your mind long after you listen to it.

3. Internal

The next time Julian Jeweil returned to Drumcode, it was to release his first LP. A standout of the 11-track effort was “Internal,” a darker and more experimental cut than his usual, melodic fare. ​​"With Transmission, I wanted to produce an album that would represent me 100%, without limiting myself or setting boundaries,” reads a quote from Julian in the release description. “It was important for me to make an LP where every single track could be used in a mix as well as listened to at home.”

4. Outline

Julian Jeweil’s 2020 EP Schema saw him go even darker and weirder. “Outline” was among the four tracks on the effort, which, of course, came out on Drumcode. Cerebral sonics and psychedelic effects dance across the stereo image in this fine-tuned piece of music. By and large, Schema proved that Drumcode — a label often associated with techno’s commercial side — was willing to give Jeweil a fair amount of creative liberty.

5. Time

Between 2020 and 2022, Julian Jeweil did not release on Drumcode for two whole years. He broke this spell in memorable fashion with the five-track EP Boreal. 8-bit sounds play unexpectedly well with its high and low-end frequencies of “Time,” a standout cut from the effort. Julian Jeweil proved once again that he was the caliber of artist befitting of Drumcode’s celebrated roster.

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