For Julian Jeweil, Dance Music was Love at First Listen

Jul 12, 2023

John Cameron

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Many lovers of dance music grew to love clubland through a gradual series of events. Not Julian Jeweil.

“Oh man, I fell in love fast and hard,” he laughs during an interview with Radio Intense. “I was a ‘90s kid, about 15 years old. I heard a techno track playing somewhere and it immediately caught my attention.”

Julian grew up in the South of France. At the time, electronic music commanded a much smaller presence in his area than in Paris. It was but a minor setback. Immediately hooked, Julian quickly found places to plug into dance culture.

“I started listening to techno music during the late ‘90s when I was a teenager and pretty quickly I became a huge fan of the genre,” Julian Jeweil told When We Dip. “I started buying records. I’d lock myself in my bedroom and listen to them endlessly. Later, when I was about 18 years old, I started mixing and performing at​ parties, then… You know the rest of the story!”

Marseilles was the best place for Julian to hone his skills. Being that it’s the second-largest city in France, it provided more opportunities than his hometown. These gatherings were still raw and off the cuff, though. “Back in the day, we were more about illegal or basement rave parties and the occasional Detroit DJ coming over,” he tells When We Dip. “I think the scene in the South of France is much more dynamic nowadays.”

You might expect such a fierce passion to fade over two and a half decades in a scene in which nearly everything is fleeting and temporary. For Julian Jeweil, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Nowadays, anyone can buy a laptop and software and start composing,” he tells Radio Intense. “This, in turn, has allowed electronic music to become much more accessible. Thousands of aspiring producers have emerged which, for me, is a great thing. You've got so much creativity out there because people can actually afford to produce.”

Julian’s passion for dance music burns as brightly as ever. It’s easy to see why. His commentary demonstrates that he looks to the future with the same curious optimism that sparked his love all those years ago.

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