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Julian Jeweil, a beloved name in the global techno scene, hails from the vibrant South of France. He fell in love with electronic music during his teenage years in the late ‘90s and quickly plunged into the world of techno.

At the tender age of 15, after hearing a techno track that captured his attention, Julian attended his first rave party. He was so inspired that he bought his first turntables and techno vinyl records just a week later. Since then, Jeweil has honed his craft, turning his passion into a celebrated career.

His early musical journey took place in Marseilles, a city brimming with cultural diversity. Though the electronic music scene was not as mainstream as it is today, Julian found his groove amidst the underground raves and occasional visits from Detroit DJs. These early influences helped shape his unique sound characterized by metallic tones and fast, repetitive beats.

Jeweil's career took a major leap when he connected with Drumcode, a Stockholm-based label renowned in the techno world. He admired the work of Adam Port and believed the label was the perfect platform to express his musical vision.

This relationship led to a series of successful releases, such as the six-track Boreal EP. Jeweil was granted complete creative freedom on this project, allowing him to inject his unique energy into the music, much of which was accumulated during the homebound times of the pandemic. He also executed an arsenal of interim releases on the likes of FORM Music, Filth on Acid, and Tronic to name just a few.

Jeweil has established himself as one of the most reliable artists as a Beatport chart-topping regular , and his hit "Air Conditionné" has over a million YouTube views and ranked #1 in Beatport sales. In 2010, Julian signed with two prestigious labels: Cocoon, on which he released the Color EP and its single "Soho" ranked #1 in the Beatport Techno Top 100.

In 2013, he started the year with two remixes for prestigious artists Deadmau5 & Pan-Pot that both charted #1 in Beatport’s Techno Top Ten. With constant Beatport charting releases, at the end of 2015, Julian Jeweil was officially crowned #1 Techno DJ on Beatport.

He has performed at major music festivals including Tomorrowland, Loveland, Time Warp, Drumcode Festival, Dreambeach, BPM Festival,  Resistance at Ultra Music Festival. In 2018, his chart-ranking EP Transmission on Drumcode reached the Top 3 in the All Genres charts on Beatport. Recently, Jeweil has released his EP Los Pistolos on a notable imprint, 2014 Minus.

When he's not behind the decks or in the studio, Julian enjoys a quiet lifestyle. He spends time with his family and friends, works out, and expresses his creativity through painting. His artistic pursuits extend beyond the auditory, proving that his creativity knows no bounds.

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