Bass and Buddies: Inside DJ Susan's Musical Kitchen

Feb 12, 2024

Photo of Michela Iosipov

Michela Iosipov

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DJ Susan's tracks are where his love for dance music meets his knack for cooking up some serious tech house flavor. He starts with a mix of banging drums, fat basslines, and catchy synths, crafting tunes that get people moving. It's all about mixing different sounds to create something that's both fun and hits hard on the dance floor.

Working with other artists is a big deal for DJ Susan. Take the track "Can't Take It Anymore" with Maximo, for example. It shows how teaming up can take things to the next level, making a banger that really captures what tech house is all about. These collabs are more than just making music; they're about building a vibe together.

Running Hood Politics Records, DJ Susan gets to push this even further. He's all about lifting up new artists, making sure the label is always bringing fresh and exciting sounds to the scene. It's not just about his own music; it's about creating a space where everyone's sound gets to shine. DJ Susan's approach is pretty straightforward: find killer beats, collaborate to make them even better, and keep the music coming.

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