Deck Wizards and Disco Dreams: The Story of Hood Politics Records

Jan 31, 2024

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Michela Iosipov

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Hood Politics Records, kicked off by DJ Susan back in 2017, quickly turned from just another label into a whole vibe for the tech house scene. It's all about giving the underdogs a mic and making sure voices that usually don't get heard are blasting through speakers worldwide. With over 200 tracks dropped by artists from over 50 countries, it's clear this label is mixing it up on a global scale.

Names like John Summit, Franky Wah, and Chapter & Verse highlight the label's knack for spotting and nurturing top-tier talent, making it a launchpad for some of the scene's biggest success stories.

DJ Susan has turned the label into a sort of family for its artists, pushing for teamwork and backing each other up. Their whole "Good Vibes Worldwide" motto isn't just talk; it's about making the music world a bit brighter and more connected. DJ Susan isn't just running the show; he's guiding new talent, showing them the ropes, and helping them get their tunes out there.

But Hood Politics Records isn't just about dropping tracks. They're throwing events and showcases that pull the tech house crowd together, celebrating everything this genre's got to offer. They're not just playing the game; they're changing it, making sure the label and its artists stay fresh and ahead in the music scene.

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