Spinning Susan: The Beat Goes On from Living Rooms to Live Stages

Feb 12, 2024

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DJ Susan stepped into the tech house scene with a vibe that was as laid-back as his name suggests. Picking a name that sounded more like your next-door neighbor than a club DJ was part of the charm. Before he hit the big stages or dropped tracks that got everyone moving, DJ Susan was throwing some of the craziest house parties in the hood. These weren't just any parties, though; they were the breeding ground for what would later evolve into Hood Politics Records.

While his dad, a pilot, was often away, DJ Susan seized the opportunity to host parties defined by love and inclusivity. During one of these gatherings, a casual chat with a friend about the intricate "politics" of their hood sparked an idea. It was then DJ Susan decided to immortalize this concept into something much bigger. These weren't just regular parties; DJ Susan was laying the groundwork for a community centered around music and mutual respect.

This is where "Hood Politics" came from. It's a nod to those early days, capturing the spirit of those house parties where everyone, no matter who you were, could get down to some good beats.

Launching Hood Politics Records in 2017, DJ Susan turned those party vibes into a label ethos. It wasn't just about launching his own music career; it was about giving up-and-comers a shot, much like the open decks at his house parties. His music, from solo bangers like "Secrets" to collabs like "TALKIN" with Cloverdale, keeps that spirit alive — mixing catchy hooks with groovy beats that pull you straight to the dance floor.

Then came Coachella, where DJ Susan took his house party roots to one of the biggest stages out there. His set was a mix of everything that got him here: the beats, the community vibe, and that laid-back attitude that makes you feel like you're just chilling at a friend's place — if your friend's place was packed with thousands of people. DJ Susan's journey from house parties to festivals is a reminder that sometimes, the best vibes come from keeping it real and remembering where you came from.

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