Laying Down Tracks and Dropping Facts: DJ Susan Edition

Feb 5, 2024

Photo of Michela Iosipov

Michela Iosipov

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DJ Susan, with his infectious smile and epic mustache, is a standout figure in the tech house scene, riding the waves with style. With Hood Politics Records, he's stirred up the scene by dropping fresh tunes and shaking things up. It's not all about him though; he's made it a mission to get the whole community vibing together, pushing for more collabs and helping new artists get their sound out there. One notable move? Hosting a workshop at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), proving his commitment to nurturing talent and sharing knowledge in the global tech house community.

The impact? Huge. Thanks to him, loads of artists have hit the big time, finding fans and killing it in the tech house genre. DJ Susan's all about keeping things real, open, and top-quality, and that's lifted the whole scene. Respect from other DJs and love from fans just keep rolling in.

But DJ Susan's not done yet. His influence is all over, from those can't-stop-dancing sets he plays to the tracks Hood Politics Records keeps sending our way. He's a living proof that sticking to your guns and really getting into the music can bring everyone together. DJ Susan's story shows that with a bit of grit and a lot of beats, you can make a mark that lasts.

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