The Hood Politics of House with DJ Susan

Feb 13, 2024

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DJ Susan has been reigniting dancefloors and energizing the house music community for years with his spark and skills behind the decks. He was hooked from his first event and has been a driving force in the scene ever since. As a kid, Susan got his would throw crazy house parties in the hood for him and his friends while his dad was flying planes for work. These parties lived by their own rules of community and love - an ethos that later inspired the name of Susan's label, Hood Politics Records.

Susan started Hood Politics Records to give emerging artists a chance to shine outside of the usual industry politics. The label has grown into a true family, where collaboration is king in a world that can get cutthroat. Susan spots new talent simply by being a genuine fan of the music first- with some of his notable signings including names like John Summit, Franky Wah, Chapter & Verse. Balancing DJing, producing, running the label and creating social content might sound crazy, but for Susan it's all about the love of house.

Whether laying down gritty basslines in the studio or keeping the party rocking from the decks, Susan's resilience has shone through challenges over the years. His choice of "Welcome to the Jungle" spells it out - he's got an indomitable spirit perfect for this scene. Join us to dive into Susan's passionate commitment to house, his vision for Hood Politics, and support for the next generation of stars.

What initially drew you to the house music scene, and how has your style evolved since you started?

The love I felt within the community was something that really drew me in, and it all started on the dance floor of my first house music event almost a decade ago. I had never felt anything like it, and I knew at that moment that the house music community is where I was supposed to be. My style since day one has been relatively consistent; I have always prioritized energy in my sets, and although I may play different styles of music these days, the foundation of my sets and my presence in the scene will always remain consistent around that energy.

Can you share the inspiration behind the founding of Hood Politics Records?

Building a community that is valuable through supporting artists and each other by releasing music independently, creating our own path, and not taking no for an answer. I, along with my good friends who built the label with me, were tired of waiting for people to put us on, so we decided to start putting ourselves on.

How do you approach discovering and supporting emerging artists through your label?

I will always be a fan first, so I'll hit up artists that I really respect musically. I also have our demo submission link always active and a relentless A&R team at work, so anyone can have the chance; we don’t discriminate based on years of experience. If the music's good, it's getting signed.

What has been one of the most rewarding moments in running Hood Politics Records?

Creating a family that admires collaboration over competition. Building a community of like-minded artists and individuals who want to see each other succeed. I haven’t seen anything else like it.

How do you balance your roles as a DJ, producer, and label head? [Also creating fun content for socials]

I love what I do! It’s easy!

In your opinion, what makes a house track truly stand out?

A good tech house track, to me, is defined by the bassline. You know I like those rollers.

What challenges have you faced in the music industry, and how have you overcome them?

I have faced countless adversities in my career, some were almost career-ending; but if it wasn’t for my foundation and the community I built myself, I would have given up.

If you could only play one of your tracks for the rest of your career, which one would it be and why?

My remix of “Welcome To The Jungle.” It perfectly defines the rockstar that I am.

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