Daring to be Different is at the Core of Repopulate Mars

Nov 24, 2023

Luca Rizzello

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Chicago DJ and producer Lee Foss boasts an array of acclaimed releases and two award-winning labels, Hot Creations and Repopulate Mars.

In 2008, Foss launched Hot Creations with Jamie Jones, which went on to win Record Label of The Year in the 2019 DJ Awards and house chart-topping artists like Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed, Solardo, Steve Lawler and wAFF.

Lee Foss and Jamie Jones

In 2018, Lee started his second label, Repopulate Mars, which united some of the most prominent names in house and techno to achieve DJ Mag’s Best Breakthrough Label in the same year.

Uniqueness has been at the core of the Repopulate Mars ethos since its inception. “People who gravitate towards electronic music and raves often just feel different,” Foss says in an interview with Beatportal. “I think that that’s a common thread and dance music brought them together.”

Foss created Repopulate Mars with the intention of giving people the freedom to express their individuality, both in terms of DJs and ravers at the label’s events, producers working in the studio, and his partner Chloe Holmes who plays a central role in the visuals for the brand.

Daring to be different also means transcending genre boundaries.

“On the label side, I’m just looking to tell the story of my favorite tunes. I try not to get bogged down in genres,” Foss says. “I try to find the stuff that grabs my ear and interests me.”

Mal Rainey was the first hip-hop artist to be added to the label’s roster. “Jahamal went to high school with me, was a few years younger than me, my brother's age,” Foss explains in an interview with EGG London. “I thought he had potential… I ran into him again a couple years ago and heard him freestyle again and was blown away and offered to sign him.”

The label’s intergalactic events have showcased at nightlife institutions like Space Miami and EGG London, while also landing co-branded ventures with top promoters Elrow and Insomniac.

On November 25th, Repopulate Mars touches down in Brooklyn for a 14 hour day-into-night marathon taking over The Roof and The Room at Superior Ingredients, with appearances from Lee Foss, CID, Sam Blacky, Kaysin, Arielle Free and more to be announced soon.

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Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

Jul 16, 202411 PM

Lee Foss is on the lineup

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Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

Aug 14, 202410:30 PM

Lee Foss is on the lineup

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Lee Foss is on the lineup

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