How Mau P’s hit track “Drugs From Amsterdam” Impacted his Career

Nov 1, 2023

Luca Rizzello

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Amsterdam native Mau P skyrocketed to meteoric success after the release of his 2022 hit, "Drugs From Amsterdam". The track cracked the charts on Shazam, Spotify, Billboard and shot to the top spot of Beatport’s prestigious Top 10, racking up over 111M streams on Spotify alone to date.

“It opened up a lot of doors for me that I’ve been banging on for years,” he says in an interview with Billboard. “I’ve been making dance music since I was 18 — I’m 26 now — and I’ve always wondered how the big guys got to where they are. I was like, “Why is it not me?” or “What am I doing wrong?” I guess it’s all about finding your groove and your sound.”

The track acted as a launchpad for Mau P’s career as it coincided with his first North American tour, which saw multiple sold out shows across the continent, from Miami and NYC to LA and San Francisco.

“I am now 100% inspired and comfortable in the music that I make and ready to give the world a lot more,” he explains. “It’s also so cool to see the big DJs and the whole dance music community support me. I feel like we’re all on a mission together to push the scene forward, and I’m super happy to be part of that.”

For Mau P, having an open and free-spirited approach to music is central to his growth. “Sometimes I definitely feel the pressure,” he explains. “But I always come to the conclusion that the only way to move forward is to get into the studio and have fun. Stop thinking or worrying. Mess around and make new tunes.”

He followed up the success of ‘Drugs From Amsterdam’ by dropping "Gimme That Bounce" earlier this year, a track that has seen support from the likes of Calvin Harris, Diplo, DJ Snake, Fisher, Dom Dolla, John Summit, and Tiësto.

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