How Mau P’s Parents Influenced His Musical Journey

Austin Miller

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How Mau P’s Parents Influenced His Musical Journey

When most people think of the term “home studio,” they see an image of a dimly-lit bedroom corner desk with small speakers, a microphone, maybe a desktop computer, and a MIDI keyboard. But imagine a whole floor of your home built out professionally for production, and you’ll have the childhood home of Maurits Westveen, aka Mau P.

Maurits comes by his musical talent, honestly. Born to a jazz singer mother and surrounded jazz saxophonist father, music surrounded Westveen from every angle. His father played in multiple bands and had steady work as a studio musician, recording horn riffs for other artists and their projects. As his career and reputation grew, so did the demand for his skill not only as a saxophone player but a composer and engineer. Soon, the entire ground floor of their home transformed into a recording studio.

From the time Maurits was able to walk, he had the option to go downstairs and play with any of the instruments below, and play he did. A young boy able to innocently experiment with drums, pianos, and the like—learning to express himself through sound while learning to walk and talk. Music became ingrained into his DNA like a native tongue.

Today, Maurits Westveen has blazed a trail as a musician. His work in dance music has garnered millions of fans and tens of millions of streams. But dance music is not the only path he sees. He has seen first-hand the deep well of opportunities production knowledge can create, from commercial jingles to movie sound effects and more. For Maurits Westveen, production has been and always will be his trade of choice.

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