[Interview] Mau P Delivers Another Beatport Number 1 With 'Gimme That Bounce'

Feb 6, 2023

Austin Miller

5 min read

"Off my face don't know where I am, cuz I got my drugs from Amsterdam."

Like nearly every dance music fan in the world, we came to recognize this hook as the entry point to the hottest track of 2022, "Drugs From Amsterdam," by underground wunderkind Mau P. In the four months since its release, fans everywhere have been clamoring for any taste of Mau P they can get. XXX Radio, Mau's weekly mix series, and a steady flow of increasingly massive shows have kept us wrapped around his finger, but our patience was recently rewarded with the release of Mau's highly anticipated follow-up, "Gimme That Bounce."

The track went straight to the top of the Beatport top ten and has further evidenced what we already knew to be true: Mau P is here to stay. We reconnected with our Dutch friend to talk about his debut US shows, his new track, and a little research he's stumbled on. Check out the conversation below!

Hey Maurits! Great talking with you again. Thanks for cutting out some time for us. First, congratulations on releasing the "Drugs From Amsterdam" official music video. Was it as fun to film as it was to watch?

Of course! Always a pleasure! It was a lot of fun, but I have to be real with you and say I was only there for the scenes I was featured in. The whole video was produced by my genius best friend, Tommy Reerink. We've known each other since high school, and he absolutely killed it on this video.

You started the New Year with your first two US shows. They looked crazy, but how were they for you? What did you think about your first time in the States, and do you have any big plans for your North American Tour coming up?

I started off at Countdown. I was kinda nervous about how many people would show up because my set time was pretty early, I thought. Two or three songs in, I started to have a hard time seeing where the crowd ended. They were so hyped, and we fed off each other's energy. It was amazing. Then on New Year's, I played Proper in the Petco Park in San Diego, which was a smaller crowd but just as cool. Playing in the stadium was so dope as well. These were my first shows as Mau P in the States, and they just left me hungry for more. I actually can not wait for the February tour.

How have you been keeping up with the influx in demand for your time in the months following the launch of Mau P?

I love what I do and everything that comes with it. I never expected any of this to happen, so I take it all for granted and try to give every aspect of the job my all.

Aside from touring and filming a music video, you've been on top of your XXX Radio releases. What keeps you coming back week after week with an hour of fresh energy?

There's so much good music being released every week, and I love DJing in general, so one plus one equals two. The music I play on the radio show also really aligns with what I play at my shows, so it's a great way to always keep the library fresh.

After much demand, you have a new song coming out, "Gimme That Bounce." Was it challenging to follow "Drugs From Amsterdam," or were you still flowing with the same creative energy for the underground sounds you mentioned in our Artist Spotlight Interview?

I was actually working on both songs at the same time, I remember. I just left the "Gimme That Bounce" project file for a while because I didn't know how to finish it. I feel like when you step away from the production like that, you can crack the code easier, so that's what happened.

We know you have a busy tour coming up, but do you have more new music in the works? If so, can you share any inside info, or will we have to wait another four months before we get another fresh dose of Mau P?

Ouch Haha! There's A LOT of music coming, actually. I feel like we were riding off the "Drugs From Amsterdam" wave for a few months and firing up the Mau P machine before dropping "Gimme That Bounce." I had a call about my release schedule today, and it's looking amazing. Can't really share anything yet but just get ready.

What are you most excited about coming up in 2023?

Playing so many shows.

Thanks again for sitting down for another interview with Gray Area! Anything else you'd like to leave us and our readers with?

I just want to let everyone know that research has shown playing my song "Gimme That Bounce" at least three times every day will bring you good luck and fortune. That's all. Bye!

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