Ibiza, "The Magic Island" | Manda Moore on Ibiza's Unique Mystique

Dec 20, 2022

Sierra Vandervort

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Celebrated tech house DJ Manda Moor was always drawn to warmer sounds. Growing up with a strong connection to her Filipino heritage, Moor learned to love tribal music, heavy percussion, and the joyful relaxation of island music. It’s no surprise then that she would feel such a connection to house music’s favorite party island, Ibiza.

“It’s always been unique, and there’s just something magical about it and something unique about its energy,” she said in a recent interview with Gray Area. “People from all around the world go there multiple times a year, and that’s why we call it the ‘magic island’ I guess.”

On a larger scale, Moor notes how warmer countries tend to bring more “groove” to their music. She recognized this early on through her connection to The Philippines and sees it again now in Ibiza.

“I think it’s partly due to the fact that in cold countries people tend to stay at home more and spend more time producing and maybe studying hardware. And in warmer countries, they’re more outside and tend to go more with the flow.”

Moor first visited Ibiza in 2015 but says she returns at least five times a year. Before she was a DJ, Moor would take the quick two-hour flight from her home in Paris to Ibiza just to party and dance like scores of others. But these days, she’s not just another partygoer. Instead, she’s headlining her own themed nights at party patriarchs like Amnesia, Hï, and elrow’s residencies.

“It’s like a dream, every DJ dreams to play in Ibiza at some point,” Moor said. “Ibiza is the place where the most legendary parties happen. That’s where trends start, and a lot of inspiration comes from there. If you get to play in Ibiza, the rest of Europe kind of follows.”

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