Juliet Fox Marries Two Artistic Mediums with TREGAMBE Label

Oct 4, 2022

Alicia Baron

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Originally hailing from Australia, Juliet Fox has significantly impacted the electronic music scene as both a DJ and producer. She has released tracks on prominent labels such as Drumcode, Cajual, Toolroom and My Favourite Freaks in addition to collaborating with prominent artists such as Green Velvet and Sonny Fedora.

Juliet’s sound ranges from deep, melodic tech house to techno. She explores raw percussion through deep grooves and chugging rhythms, and as a talented vocalist, she incorporates her own vocals into her music. This casts a signature spark atop every single one of her tracks, making them highly addictive and ready for almost any dancefloor.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Fox carried her production to another echelon by launching her label TREGAMBE. The entity is named boldly after her Italian Surname, which translates to “three legs,” meant to fuse three key traits: strength, integrity, and authenticity. Utilizing the downtime of the quarantine to curate the project carefully, she was able to pour her heart into the label launch. She slowly and carefully crafted the proper scope and presentation of TREGAMBE, meant to exist meticulously faithful to the traits of her Surname.

Juliet Fox painting the artwork for TREG004.

Truly striving to make an impact, Fox utilized her strong suits to meld her passions for multimedia artistry. As a long-time painter, her boyfriend inspired her to showcase a uniquely crafted painting to represent the releases, according to Fox in an interview with 6AM. Each piece of art painted with acrylic on canvas reflects the same intensity of her music—downtempo with texture. It’s a beautifully impressionistic personal visual expression that relays the consistency of her music.

With this dual medium of self-expression, Fox has been able to transition in both painting and music production to higher levels of exploration, as she said in the same interview. Both artistic forms are symbiotic, and they propel her to new heights of creativity, allowing her to reminisce about her feelings and moods at the time and reflect on her true self. She genuinely pushes the limits of her originality and continuously evolves, a true example of creative freedom.

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