How Berlin Redefined Juliet Fox' Love for Techno

Oct 7, 2022

Staley Sharples

3 min read

When listening to Juliet Fox, one might think that the techno icon’s distinctive sound was always with her. The pulsating rhythms come naturally to the Adalaide, Australia-born DJ and TREGAMBE label head, but it wasn’t until her move to Berlin that Fox truly found herself.

She started her journey of self-discovery early in her career, running into the frustration of not being able to play what she wanted while living in Australia.

“I originally moved over and spent a summer in Ibiza, 11 years ago. Then I went to the UK for a while, living in London, and I still wasn’t really quite able to play the techno that I wanted to.” Searching for the right fit, Juliet Fox made her way to Berlin, Germany, where she lived for more than five years.

Berlin’s world-famous techno scene both fascinated and excited Fox. “I went to every single club I could to experience it all. It’s amazing, there are producers and artists I’ve never even heard of. Their production styles are completely different as well. A lot more raw, a warehouse-style approach.”

She says that Berlin is far more diverse than most would think. And even with a multitude of world-renowned clubs, the city has a variety of options for any techno tourist.

“It’s changed a little bit. We’ve got a lot more focus on your open airs, not just the Berghain techno, and really hard, industrial-sounding. It’s great for the versatility of it all.”

However, as with settling into any new place, Fox had to take her time to find her footing within the music industry of Berlin. “It took me a couple of years after moving to Berlin to understand myself and the direction I wanted to go in. What was important was that I didn’t find any judgment in Berlin or in Germany itself. You can play in clubs and there are no cameras or phones. So it allowed me to really get to know myself.”

Embracing the anonymity of Berlin’s club culture and focusing on the dancefloor, Juliet Fox began to drive her production style into the high-velocity tracks she’s now known for and developed the TREGAMBE label as an extension of the sonic identity she found within herself.

“The best thing you can do is stay true to yourself and not try to fit in. That worked in my favor, because you build up more of a reputation that way, and progress a little faster that way.”

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