How Green Velvet Inspired Juliet Fox to Become a Vocalist

Oct 4, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Techno producer, DJ, and vocalist Juliet Fox is behind cutting-edge sounds in dance music, bringing together her pulsating production and entrancing vocals to garner the attention of other tastemakers in the industry, like Adam Beyer and Green Velvet. The latter played an important role in developing Juliet Fox’s sound, helping her quite literally find her voice in her music.

Juliet Fox recalls meeting Green Velvet—now known to her just as Curtis—at an afterparty several years ago. Fox discussed her discontent with the sample vocals she found, sharing that none of them fit the aesthetic of her musical vision.

A multi-hyphenate artist, Green Velvet is a producer, vocalist, record label head, and cultural touchstone in dance music. Under his Cajmere project, the Chicago house legend broke out on the scene with his sultry, otherworldly spoken-word vocals over bouncing techno rhythms.

Green Velvet encouraged Fox to try recording her own vocals, starting with a practice loop on her phone, which he transformed into the landmark collaboration “On The Inside,” also featuring Boooox. After the success of “On The Inside” on Green Velvet’s Relief Records, Juliet Fox felt inspired to continue utilizing her voice in her music to give it a new kind of driving, hypnotic feeling.

Juliet Fox took Green Velvet’s words to heart. She began recording vocal loops frequently while alone in her hotel room after gigs. Eventually, she found that she was most comfortable recording in her home. Being in a relaxed environment made it easier for her to perform and craft lyrics. In a way, Juliet Fox uses her vocals to tell the song’s story, leading those who listen on a deeper journey. She approaches it the way one might hear it, asking, “what would I want to hear on a dancefloor?”

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