8 Tracks That Define Juliet Fox's Style of Techno

Oct 4, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Juliet Fox has made quite the name for herself in techno and the music scene as a whole. Her passion for DJing and producing show through each track she creates, and it’s no wonder she’s quickly become a fan favorite. Hailing from Australia but based in Berlin, Juliet is at the forefront of a major dance music mecca — and she’s taking full advantage of what she has around her.

Not one to be stifled by others’ rules, Juliet’s started her own label, TREGAMBE, as a way to release her own music. Eventually, though, she plans to open it up to other artists as well. For those unfamiliar with Juliet’s style, we’ve hand picked eight songs that we feel truly encapsulate her refined and dancefloor-friendly techno sound.

1.  “Can’t Sleep”

“Can’t Sleep” is a tech house venture that Juliet released as her debut on Toolroom Trax. Always captivating, Fox’s unique vocals add a lightness to an already brooding and hypnotic track. “Can’t Sleep” is just another example of her innate musical talent and ingenuity. It’s no surprise that she’s incredibly sought after.

2. “Come Closer”

“Come Closer” was Juliet’s first Drumcode release. Created with Ramiro Lopez, “Come Closer” features Juliet herself on vocals. The track is a dark and mesmerizing banger that’s perfect for a festival or nightclub. Just ask Drumcode boss Adam Beyer, as this track had been a staple in his sets since it was first released. A certified techno anthem, “Come Closer” is truly indicative of Juliet’s talent.

3.  “6AM”

Since debuting on the label, Fox has been touted as the “first lady” of Toolroom Trax. In 2017 she returned with her next release on the imprint: “6AM,” a darker and more mysterious song that again features her vocals. Her catchy lyrics are expertly intertwined with the upbeat bass and take an edge off the ominous-sounding track.

4.  “Thinking About You”

“Thinking About You” is a moody song that samples Sister Sledge’s track “Thinking of You.” Reworking a familiar sound, “Thinking About You” was created as part of a collaboration with Spektre for release on Kraftek. Fox’s vocals are once again featured and they add to the melancholic yet energetic feeling of the song.

5. “Was Beautiful”

“Was Beautiful” was released on Drumcode as part of the A-Sides Vol.8 VA compilation. This was her third track to be released on Drumcode, as well as her second time appearing on the compilation series. This song is classic Juliet Fox: deeply emotional, pulsating techno fused with her seductive vocals. Juliet herself likes to sing on her tracks and write the lyrics, too—so this song is all her.

6. “Through The Pain”

”Through The Pain” is the song Juliet would recommend to you, if she could only recommend one. Released on Filth of Acid, “Through The Pain” enthralls from the instant the percussion starts before segueing into tantlilizing vocals. Keeping a constant beat, this song is the perfect choice for those dark and grimy dancefloors.

7. “Time’s Running Out”

The next extry is Fox’s most streamed Spotify track, clocking in at whopping 7.2 million listens. “Time’s Running Out” is a contemplative piece with an incredibly deep bassline. Fox’s voice, though, is able to cut through the heaviness of the track, adding some brightness to the otherwise melancholic song.

8. “The Past, The Future, The Present”

“The Past, The Future, The Present” is one of Fox’s 2022 releases on her label, TREGAMBE.  Featuring Fox’s unmistakeable vocals woven throughout, this song takes you on a musical journey as only she can. Driving bass, full of highs and lows, really makes this a standout track. As with all music released on her imprint, she’s painted an apropos artwork to accompany it.

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