Riding the Cosmic Waves: The Meteoric Journey of Space 92

Jul 5, 2023

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From Bedroom Producer to Beatport Charts: As a young music enthusiast from Toulouse, Space 92 started composing and producing at a very young age. His early work in his bedroom studio slowly matured into a distinct style, blending techno with an essence of ‘80s Sci-Fi.

Space92 in 2011

Fast forward a few years, and Space 92's remix for the Hungarian duo Twins Project, "Bass in your Face", instantly landed in Beatport's Top 10 - a testament to his innate talent and proof that beginnings, however humble, can lead to unimaginable success.

The Meteoric Rise of "Planet X": In August 2020, the world of techno was taken by storm with the release of "Planet X", a collaboration between Space 92 and The YellowHeads. The track topped the Beatport chart for four consecutive months, a rare achievement in the fast-paced world of electronic music. This overnight sensation not only cemented Space 92’s position in the industry but also revolutionized the global techno scene.

The Power of Collaborations: Space 92’s successful collaborations with other artists serve as a masterclass in teamwork. His collaboration with POPOF and UMEK resulted in the massive hit “Control”, reaching #1 on Beatport's techno releases. This creative synergy displayed Space 92’s ability to not only create powerful music on his own but also his knack for combining talents and skills with other artists to create something truly exceptional.

Space92 & POPOF

Turbulences Take Off: Alongside his solo career, Space 92 joined forces with fellow producer POPOF to create a unique live and hybrid act, "Popof x Space 92 Present: Turbulences." Their debut performance at Ultra Music Festival – Resistance Tokyo was so well-received that they were invited to perform at several flagship shows the following year. The creation of Turbulences showcases Space 92’s innovative spirit, adding a new dimension to his creative output and expanding his influence within the music industry.

The Gravity of Success: Space 92 started 2023 with a bang, releasing the Gravity EP on Filth on Acid. Its singles “Gravity”, “Reaktor”, and “Cooper” charted at #1, 2, and 4 on Beatport respectively, further solidifying his position as a techno titan. What makes this accomplishment stand out is the fact that all three tracks from the same EP simultaneously charted within the top five, a remarkable feat that serves as a testament to Space 92's consistent quality and resonance with his fans.

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