A Cosmic Collision: How Space 92 Conquered Beatport with 'Planet X'

Jul 4, 2023

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In a music world brimming with talent, finding a distinct, captivating voice is a task easier said than done. Yet, Space 92, a French techno maestro, managed to not only establish his unique sound but also ascend to the zenith of Beatport's charts with stunning ferocity.

The story of "Planet X," Space 92's 2020 techno anthem, is an incredible tale of artistry, persistence, and a bit of cosmic luck. Co-created with The YellowHeads, this magnetic track took the techno world by storm, resting at the Beatport chart's number one position for four consecutive months and remaining in the top ten for several more.

So how did "Planet X" come to be? Well, like most instances of creative brilliance, it was a mix of hard work, inspiration, and fortunate timing. Space 92 had long been intrigued by the idea of blending trancey techno with the acid genre's distorted percussion, topped with a dash of nostalgic ‘80s sci-fi. An admirer of YellowHeads' music, he reached out to the Spanish duo to discuss a potential collaboration.

The idea quickly transformed into a full-blown project. With a shared passion for experimental soundscapes, the artists began exchanging ideas, eventually developing the structure for "Planet X." Their work paid off immensely when the track became an instant hit upon its release, soaring directly into Beatport's Top 10.

The massive success of "Planet X" served as a breakthrough for Space 92, earning him global recognition and paving the way for a series of number-one hits. The track demonstrated his innovative sound design, cementing his status as a trailblazing force in the global techno scene.

The story of "Planet X" and Space 92's meteoric rise in the techno world is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. It's an inspiration for up-and-coming artists to find their unique voices and chase their passion relentlessly. After all, as Space 92's journey shows, the right track can quite literally launch an artist into another stratosphere.

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