Spencer Brown: Balancing Duke University and the Avicii Tour

Jul 9, 2024

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Spencer Brown’s journey took a dramatic turn during his college years at Duke University. Balancing the demanding curriculum of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Spencer's passion for music never waned. In the midst of lectures and exams, he found time to produce tracks and DJ at local events. It was during this period that he got his big break.

While still a student, Spencer was invited to open for Avicii on his True Tour across North America. This opportunity was nothing short of a whirlwind. By day, Spencer attended classes and completed assignments. By night, he was performing in front of thousands, absorbing the energy of massive crowds and learning the intricacies of live performance from one of the biggest names in dance music.

The True Tour was a defining experience. Opening for Avicii, Spencer played at iconic venues and stadiums, sharing the stage with a legendary figure who had already revolutionized the music scene. One memorable night was at the Hollywood Bowl, where Spencer stood before a sea of fans, feeling both the pressure and exhilaration of such a prestigious venue.

During the tour, Spencer’s track “Chalice/Double Down” caught Avicii's attention. Impressed by Spencer’s sound, Avicii decided to release the track on his LE7ELS imprint. This was a monumental moment for Spencer. Being featured on LE7ELS, a label known for its high-quality releases, validated Spencer’s hard work and unique style.

Juggling the tour with his academic responsibilities was challenging. Spencer often found himself working on music and assignments during transit between cities. Despite the hectic schedule, the experience was invaluable. It taught him time management, resilience, and the importance of seizing opportunities.

Reflecting on this period, Spencer recalls, “Going from DJing high school proms and making music on earbuds to doing an EP on Avicii’s label and opening for him in stadiums was quite a shift. That was the moment when I realized this could be something I do as a ‘job.’”

The tour not only elevated Spencer’s profile but also solidified his decision to pursue music full-time. After graduating from Duke, he continued to build on the momentum, eventually releasing his debut album Illusion of Perfection on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats and topping charts with tracks like "Windows 95 on Acid" on deadmau5’s label.

The Avicii tour and LE7ELS release were pivotal in Spencer Brown’s career, setting the stage for his future successes and establishing him as a rising star in the industry.

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