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Since 1996 Swedish DJ, Adam Beyer, has ruled modern techno, emerging from the depths of underground raves and climbing to the heights of international nightclubs. The power of Beyer remains strong today, the gravitational pull of his hard edge sounds leaving fans wanting more and more. Not only does this Stockholm-based trailblazer exist as a staple in festival lineups across the globe, his talents as a recording artist and substantial DJ presence are also hot commodities. Beyer’s expertise has shed light on the multifaceted capabilities of the techno sound, making his artistry a respected legacy of the genre.

Previous to his two decade influence and continuous growing force, Beyer proved to be extremely unique to his time, which led him to see the market for Drumcode Records, a Swedish techno label. Founded and run by this heavyweight artist, Drumcode has materialized into a dexterous and accomplished brand and label known all over the map. With its infectious musical imprint, Drumcode has produced branded events, built festival stages, and even brought its own branded radio show to more than 53 countries’ airwaves.

In 2016, Beyer celebrated the label’s 20th anniversary with the creation of 'A-Sides Vol.5', which masterfully displays Drumcode's variety of tastes within the techno genre. This fifth volume of the ‘A-Sides’ compilation, featuring artists like Alan Fitzpatrick and Pleasurekraft, also brings focus to Beyer's unprecedented skills as a curator and technical producer. The label continues to drop innovative, world-class records with Beyer’s distinctive style at the forefront. More credentials include the long-standing Junction 2 Festival in the UK, now 8 years old and developing into one of the most popular music events of the festival season. For the modern techno icon and his unparalleled musical gift, the world will keep showing up, sustaining Beyer’s well-deserved career through more electrifying global events than ever before.

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