5 Absolutely Spellbinding DJ Sets by Ida Engberg

Sep 23, 2022

John Cameron

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a techno fan who hasn’t heard of Ida Engberg. The Swedish techno DJ and producer has performed in almost every major dance music market globally, making a lasting impression on fans everywhere she goes.

It comes as no surprise, then, that many of her DJ sets have been recorded and uploaded for online enjoyment. Some, explore the ethereal, melodic side of techno. Others highlight the harder end of the spectrum. Altogether, they speak to the versatile style Ida has developed over the past two decades.

We’ve collected five of Ida Engberg’s best sets from the past few years. Listen for yourself — after you get a taste of her skills behind the decks, we’re guessing you’ll feel compelled to see her play in person.

1. Drumcode OFFSónar 2019

Barcelona dance music fans like their techno dark and driving, and it’s safe to say Ida played to that crowd during her performance at Drumcode OFFSónar in 2019. Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol’s exquisite architecture provided an unforgettable backdrop for the festivities.

2. B2B with Adam Beyer at Exit Festival 2018

Drumcode boss Adam Beyer and Ida have a long history of B2B sessions at world-class festivals. At the 2018 edition of Exit Festival in Serbia, thousands of fans witnessed their creative chemistry firsthand. They ripped through Drumcode cuts (on which Ida has several releases) and challenged the audience while including the necessary amount of vocals and melodies to keep things accessible enough for a crowd of that size.

3. April 2021 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Landing a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is a momentous occasion for any dance music DJ. In her April 2021 appearance on the series, Ida Engberg took those tuning in on a serene, two-hour journey replete with lush synth melodies and progressive house overtones that veered into more challenging territory in the second half.

4. Awakenings ADE 2021

Netherlands-based Awakenings is one of the world’s leading techno festival brands, so the gatherings they curate during Amsterdam Dance Event cater to diehard fans of the genre. This was certainly not lost on Ida, who played one of her hardest sets in recent memory at Awakenings ADE 2021.

5. Zurich Street Parade 2021

On the other hand, the festive, open-air atmosphere of the 2021 edition of Zurich Street Parade called for more mass appeal. Ida Engberg still found opportunities to take listeners slightly outside their comfort zone, executing a push-pull tension dynamic that kept the crowd anticipating her every move.

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