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Born and nurtured in the vibrant landscape of Brasil, Bruno Furlan emerged as a true prodigy in the world of house music. From an early age, it was evident that Bruno possessed a raw talent for music. This innate ability, paired with his exposure to DJ culture during his formative years, laid the foundation for what would become a meteoric rise in the electronic music scene.

Starting 2023 on a high note, Bruno released an EP with the renowned Jamie Jones' Hot Creations label, instantly garnering attention from house aficionados worldwide. His remix of "Free" for industry heavyweights Atrak and Lee Foss further showcased his versatility and prowess as a producer. Not one to rest on his laurels, Bruno followed this up with another hit EP, "La Fiesto and Give Me That Bass," again on Hot Creations, sealing his reputation as a consistent and formidable producer.

But it's not just in the studio where Bruno shines. He made waves with his debut performance at Taraka Chicago, sharing the decks with notable names like Gordo, Solardo, and Hugel. The buzz around Bruno grew louder as he toured extensively across North America and his home country, Brasil.

His electrifying sets at major events like Miami Music Week, Ultra Brasil, and Ultra Peru have solidified his reputation as a must-see act. Notably, Bruno's skills behind the decks caught the attention of Chris Lake, who extended an invitation to him to play for Black Book records at the iconic Brooklyn Mirage. Summer saw him holding court at sought-after venues like Amnesia Ibiza and Space Miami.

Beyond his individual achievements, what stands out is the respect Bruno commands within the artist community. Collaborations with established names and invitations from peers like Matroda to play at prime venues speak volumes about his credibility in the industry.

In a short span, Bruno Furlan has etched his name among the leading figures in house music. With a keen ear for production, unmatched energy during performances, and the support of the industry's best, Bruno's journey is just getting started. Dive into his beats, and you'll understand why he's the name on every house music lover's lips.

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