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Jasper Fioole is an Amsterdam-based DJ with a unique style inspired by the sounds of Disco, House, and Techno, creating an exciting blend of rhythms and melodies that is rapidly conquering the Netherlands and abroad.

Fioole was born and raised in the city of Arnhem, located an hour outside of Amsterdam. Known for its famous trolley buses and the football club Vitesse, Arnhem offers a serene setting amidst beautiful nature, providing a balanced life that serves as a stark contrast to Jasper's hectic weekends.

Music has always been central to Fioole’s life. His uncle Danny, a DJ, introduced him to seminal tracks like Grooveyard’s “Mary Go Wild,” Jeff Mills’ “The Bells” and Octave One’s “Blackwater.” After being introduced to these records, Jasper spent three years honing his craft on his Technics turntables before he deemed himself ready for his first gig. He continues to draw inspiration from DJs like Louie Vega and Kenny Dope (MAW/Kenlou), who consistently bring something fresh to their music.

Fioole’s collaboration with Franky Rizardo stemmed from a decade-long friendship and shared musical vision. Their mutual respect and friendship eventually led them to create FLOW, a brand that features the finest in House, Deep House, and Tech House. Not only does Jasper appreciate Franky's talent as a music producer and DJ, but he also values his character. Together, they've built a "Flow Family", a warm and supportive community. Rapidly evolving, it has become one of the most revered labels in the world of House music, further expanding its influence by hosting its own events globally.

One of the most memorable moments in Jasper's career was the FLOW Freedom Festival, celebrated on Liberation Day in Arnhem's central park. The event was made even more memorable when Franky invited his grandfather, a World War II resident of Arnhem, on stage to start the final track. This moment encapsulates the close-knit, familial atmosphere that Fioole and Rizardo have cultivated within the FLOW community.

Their influence has extended well beyond the borders of the Netherlands, as Fioole’s style has found resonance with global audiences. Known for his groovy and uplifting House sound, Jasper Fioole is becoming synonymous with high-quality house music and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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