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Known for his energy-driven productions on labels like Octopus, Moan, Form, Lapsus Music, Amazing, Voltaire Music, Tech Recovery, and Time Has Changed, Toni Varga stands out as one of the most admired artists in the Spanish scene. His guiding principle is simple yet profound – “making his audience enjoy.”

Born in Spain, Varga's early fascination with rhythm and sound led him to the dynamic world of electronic music. This passion laid the foundation for a career that would see him rise as a key figure in the tech house genre.

In 2003, Varga's career took a pivotal turn as he began playing professionally. Moving to Ibiza, the heart of electronic music, he was immersed in an environment rich in house and tech house. This experience was crucial in developing his distinctive sound, resonating with the island's vibrant energy.

Varga's impact on the electronic music scene is highlighted by his performances at renowned festivals and clubs, including Creamfields, Monegros, Glastonbury, and BPM Festival. His closing set for elrow at Ushuaia, playing to 9,000 people, remains a cherished career highlight.

His approach to music production blends spontaneity with technical precision, resulting in over 50 innovative tracks. His EP on Josh Butler's Origin label is a standout, showcasing his ability to integrate ambient and electronic elements.

During his six-year residency at Amnesia Ibiza, Varga absorbed various musical styles, enriching his artistry. This exposure allowed him to diversify his sets with an array of sounds and rhythms.

Toni's journey with elrow began when he received a call from the Arnua family. Over 12 years later, he remains a vital part of elrow's global expansion. His warm and elegant tech house sounds have not only been a staple at elrow but have also captivated audiences at Creamfields, Monegros, Dreambeach, Neo-Pop, Space Sydney Festival, Culture One, and more.

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