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Known to many for his energy driven productions on the likes of Octopus, Moan, Form, Lapsus Music, Amazing, Voltaire Music, Tech Recovery or Time Has Changed, Toni Varga shares the lead as one of the most admired artists of the Spanish scene. His simple premise - “making his audience enjoy”.

Starting off as a club promoter in his hometown of A Coruña, Spain, Toni never imagined that his career would reach such heights. From a young age his musical journey has been influenced by American house producer Joeski and imprints Siesta and Twisted. You can still hear slight echoes of those labels in the tribal-house sounds that Toni throws in his productions and sets.

His obsession with electronic music moved him to start playing locally. However, coming from such a small town like A Coruña left him playing mostly underground shows to a couple hundred people or so. Then his career reached a new level when he got his residency at Ibiza superclub, Amnesia. As Ibiza’s electronic music scene started to gain traction, Toni grew alongside it. Later down the line, he had the incredible opportunity to perform at the famous Amnesia World Tour that landed him in the position to share his music with more than thirty countries across the globe.

Toni crossed paths with more than a few music industry dignitaries throughout his six-year residency at Amnesia, but when he got a call from the Arnua family he made the decision to move on and start a new adventure with Elrow. Over 12 years later, Toni is still a happy member of the Elrow team and is a big part of its worldwide expansion. Undoubtedly a monumental part of his career, his warmish and elegant tech house sounds have also graced the stages of Creamfields, Monegros, Dreambeach, Neo-Pop, Space Sydney Festival, Culture One, among others.

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