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May 10, 2021

Jonah Flint

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For many, Malta conjures images of crystal clear blue waters, historic castles, and an incredibly diverse culture given its proximity to both Sicily and Northern Africa. For Edward Carabot, Malta is home and a bastion of funky house parties. Edward, also known as Edd, is a rising DJ/producer from Malta. He broke onto the local scene with an infectious upbeat energy and production style that exemplifies the Maltese sound. Since Covid-19, Edd has focused all his energy on music production, the results being an incredible EP that is out now on Patrick Topping’s Trick Label. 

Growing up in Malta, Edd was surrounded by music from an early age. At age 7 he started playing guitar, eventually teaching himself the piano and drums. Over time he began to produce using Fruity Loops. “Originally I made hip-hop and classic EDM tracks… I’d just post my beats on SoundCloud and would be happy about getting 10 listens.”

For Edd, producing came before Djing. He started to learn by using his friends' equipment and playing with them until eventually, his father bought him a Traktor S2. “My mom didn’t let me play parties so I just did it at home and continued to learn and make friends who spun. Eventually, my friends helped me get some gigs at clubs. Once I did that I started to learn more about house music and producing house music, and I completely fell in love with the scene.” 

The club scene in Malta has developed and grown tremendously over the last few years. The clubs became more professional, the parties grew bigger, and the talent of the DJs has risen. Edd broke through by networking at every show, and taking any gig he was offered. He was bouncing around, playing any club that would have him until one of his sets was heard by a promoter at Uno Malta, one of the biggest venues in the country. 

Edd was invited to play at Uno and was told if it went well, he could potentially secure a residency. “After he told me he was going to pay me for it, I’d never been paid before… I told him I would literally pay you to let me play.” For Edd, success has nothing to do with money, he simply loves the music. That passion translates onto the decks, as Edd’s skill for performing was quickly recognized and allowed him to secure a residency at Uno, playing the club's legendary Distrikt party. 

“It’s a challenging place to play as a resident because you’re always trying to raise the bar from your performance last week, as well as some healthy competition with other residents.” The sound in Malta skews more towards disco and vocal house tracks, although for Edd he hopes to help build out the tech-house influence in Malta. Despite his local success, Edd has bigger dreams. Traveling to Amsterdam Dance Event was an inspiration, seeing so many world-class DJs in the same place gives Edd the drive to continue to grow and learn. He hopes that his new music and continued success will one day land him an international residency in a place like Ibiza which he refers to as the gold standard. 

In order to achieve these goals, one must consistently release high-quality music. As with everyone else, Edd’s life changed during the global shutdown. He was used to spending most of his free time prepping his sets for his residency and getting into the studio to produce simply when he had extra time on his hands. With no shows to play, he locked in on producing music. Furthermore, the influences he experienced changed. “I haven’t been influenced by the Malta sound in a while because of the lack of shows. Instead, I’m finding that clips of my favorite DJs spinning are pushing me to produce different and challenging sounds.” 

The sound of Malta comes through in many of Edd’s previous releases. To Edd, his track “Sola” is the perfect representation of Malta. 

However, quarantine has allowed him to try new things which are reflected beautifully in the Trick EP. Although his signature sound comes through, the EP has a dancefloor-ready feel with four on-the-floor beats and heavier basslines. The extra time in the studio shows, as the EP marks a level of experimentation and willingness to try new things. We can only hope that Edd continues the hot streak and that other big-name artists give him their stamp of approval as he grows and develops as an artist. Edd is truly one to watch, and the electronic scene in Malta will continue to rise with him. 

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