Yellow Claw presents €URO TRA$H event artwork

Yellow Claw presents €URO TRA$H

May 16, 20244 PM
United States
Superior Ingredients Roof

Brooklyn, New York


A DJ duo whose musical prowess knows no bounds, we’ve enlisted the vibrant Amsterdam-based pairing, €URO TRA$H to head up New York City, May 16th, at one of our favorite party apexes, The Roof at Superior Ingredients.

Composed of Jim Aasgier (Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (Nils Rondhuis), while €URO TRA$H is essentially the side-project of the profound Yellow Claw, the distinction between the two lies in the exploration and their abilities to conquer more than one genre. While Yellow Claw immerses itself in the trap wave genre, €URO TRA$H explores the realms of vibrant electronica and bass house, with their tracks often incorporating unique vocalists, as well as signature groove and funk elements.

The inception of this whimsical alias occurred during a stay at an expansive Balinese villa, dubbed Hotel Barong, in a past summer. While operating as Yellow Claw, they delved into an array of music genres, spanning from house to the darker realms of techno, it was during this time that they crafted a name, a playful nod to a slang term associated with wealthy Europeans. This name captures the essence of their refined aesthetic, showcased in the duo's sophisticated 2023 YouTube video titled "The Art of €URO TRA$H,".

Their 2022 live debut at EDC Vegas left fans aboard the festival’s Rynobus stage in awe, as they showcased their ability to bring the dance floor to life in a new way. Their debut album, ¥€$, released in February 2023 which features Kathy Brown on "Everything Tonight" and a collaboration with Wax Motif on "So Hypnotic," among other house tracks, now resonate globally within dance music.

To date, both of their innovative monikers boast millions of plays, as they continue to push the boundaries of dance music, collaborate with industry giants, sell-out shows and bring a unique vibe to any festival they play at.

Joining the party are the local DJ duo "Into It," who have previously curated grooves on our stage alongside headliner Max Styler. With two releases already under their belt and a whole summer ahead, the duo is set to shine this season!

Co-founder of Third Eye Hospitality and local DJ Jake Mercer is also joining the party. With the slogan "Techno ruined my life. In a good way," you already know Mercer is going to put on a great show for us and warm up the Superior Ingredients decks like a boss!

This concept of multiple existences seems to be a popular route for artists wanting to explore new musical realms, but for €URO TRA$H it marks an intriguing narrative around their artistic evolution, and we cannot wait for their return! Let’s get it.


Superior Ingredients Roof

74 Wythe Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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