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FJAAK began as a quartet, then they were a trio, and now they are two - Aaron Röbig and Felix Wagner. Their twin passions - tecno and weed - tell us much of their conspicuous identity in dance music. Building their image around these two passions has worked for the pair on social media, displaying their millennial fluency with self-deprecating captions and goofy weed-bro pictures to go along with the promotion of their music and overall brand. The German artists have proven irresistible and have no doubt grown from the underground scene into one of the most in-demand techno acts.

Based in Berlin, the pair has been producing thumping techno as FJAAK since the late 2000s. Using a studio brimming with analogue gear and two minds that synergize harmoniously, they produce pulsing, energetic dance tracks. Their sound oscillates between grandiose warehouse techno, reflective power house, and occasional U.K. garage, dub, and breakbeat hardcore. The FJAAK’s, as they’re sometimes called, first release was the 2012 “Introduction EP” on Baalsaal Records, followed by their first official vinyl releases in 2013, “Remember Me” on Klasse Recordings and “Mind Game”s on Baalsaal once again. A major breakthrough came for the electronic duo in 20124 with the release of their certified club hit, “Don’t Leave Me”.

In the years following, FJAAK continued building a career for themselves with 2017’s self-titled album on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown and 2018’s “Havel” on their own FJAAK imprint. Along with the FJAAK label, the duo created Spandau20, a second imprint to support likemind artists and friends such as Nikk, Fadi Mohem, Balas, Schöning, Rifts, J.Manuel, and Dajusch. Ever since launching the latter, Aaron and Felix feel even more committed to help emerging artists of diverse backgrounds in an attempt to close gaps in a heavily white, male dominated industry The two also pay close attention to the lineups they are requested for to avoid playing for ‘whitewashed’ parties, and instead prioritize contributing to events that celebrate different genders, sexuality, race, and culture.

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