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United Kingdom
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Fleur Shore is an artist who defies the norm and charts her own course in the world of house music. From a young age, her love for music set her apart; she began amassing a record collection that paid homage to the magic of the late '80s and '90s, a period known for its musical innovation and experimentation. These influences seep into her sets and productions, showcasing an artistic range that spans from the beats of Slick Rick to the soulful sounds of Bill Withers, and from the rhythmic grooves of Salt-N-Pepa to the powerful lyrics of Ms. Lauryn Hill. Her eclectic sources of inspiration underscore her refusal to be confined to a single genre or sound.

In her music production, Shore infuses catchy basslines and luring vocals to bring back the classic sounds of the past with a unique, fresh twist. Her EP, The Evolution, released on Yaya’s Tamango label, reached #1 on Beatport, underscoring her emerging success in the music industry. Further testament to her talent is the fact that her work has caught the attention of industry heavyweights like The Martinez Brothers, who signed her demos to their Cuttin' Headz imprint.

As a DJ, Shore values the art of the warm-up set and consistently impresses with her technical ability. Her distinctive approach to playing music that deviates from the mainstream secured her a coveted residency at the iconic Lab11 club in Birmingham, known for its flagship underground party, TRMNL. She has also made an impressive debut at major venues like Fabric, The Warehouse Project, and Ushuaïa, further solidifying her reputation in a club environment.

Despite her achievements, Shore remains unyieldingly committed to her craft. Beyond the UK, she has spread her infectious beats to South America, France, Italy, and Holland, connecting with international audiences with her unique brand of house music. As a rising star, Shore is poised for an exciting future in the music industry.

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