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Guy Gerber’s production has a smooth-flowing quality that makes it an easy everyday listen—and something you can put on for hours. And evidently, for Gerber, it’s also something he can play for hours. In addition to being known for his meditative yet hopeful sound, the Israeli DJ has become synonymous with extended sets, most notably his 12-hour run at 2014’s Burning Man.

But though he’s clearly made a name for himself in today’s dance music landscape, before trying his hand behind the decks, Gerber was inspired by bands—like rock groups Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine—with sounds that are a great deal more gravelly than his own discography. His music is imbued with a raw emotion, though, that channels these inspirations, and though they are disparate from his own sound, his influences have led him to a career that—if anything—cannot be boxed in.

Thus far, he’s released two LP’s, ‘Late Bloomers’ in 2007 and “11 11”—a collaboration with Puff Daddy—in 2014. He’s also put out a slew of EPs—with the most recent being 2022’s two-track ‘Pyramid of the Moon’—a plethora of singles, and has played some of dance music’s most iconic clubs, like Marquee, Sound, Story, and Pacha. He’s also the creator of RUMORS, a bohemian, free-spirited Ibiza beach party that has become a destination for revelers on the island.

And in addition to his work behind the decks, he’s also hard at work making dance music dreams—like what he’s achieved—a reality for other artists. He’s founded his own label, Supplement Facts, which has hosted the likes of Chaim, Kate Simko, and Guti, as well as an imprint, Rumors.

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