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Franky Rizardo, a dance music commodity celebrated from The Netherlands, has affirmed his position as a rare and talented creator, capable of constructing music that delves into the worlds of techno and house proportionately. Further claiming his rank as one of the most versatile and compelling names in electronic music, Rizardo has released his works with an assortment of labels, including Rejected, Strictly Rhythm and 8Bit. He has additionally performed at famed venues like London’s Fabric, Amsterdam’s Shelter and Los Angeles’s Sound, and is a recurring act within the ANTS and elrow shows.

In 2015, Rizardo launched his events brand, FLOW, with his partner, Jasper Fioole. The duo have tasked themselves with enlightening people to the FLOW state of mind by producing bright and artful gatherings that build connections, create special moments, and completely immerse its patrons. FLOW has hosted an array of events and stages. From the classical music venue, Musis Arnhem, to the stages of Tomorrowland, FLOW has showcased its capabilities in power and diversity. FLOW also coordinates its own FLOW Freedom Festival and will continue to grow its brand by stepping into new locations for deeply engaging experiences and expanding the Freedom Festival.

In 2020, Rizardo went on to relaunch his own label, LTF Records (Listen to Flow). His imprint is a channel meant to release his own music, which works greatly in his favor as he has assembled a very distinct and unique style based on his own interests. More specifically, the label being made from the philosophical roots that motivated Rizardo means it has intentions that are synced with those of the FLOW events. Both hope to fully immerse the audience into Franky Rizardo’s vibe and sound. Rizardo has persistently intended to design his own identity and has done so with the tenacity to travel to these metaphorical destinations unknown to the masses. His dedication to presenting the raw form of himself is extremely unique and shows through his art. Rizardo is discovering his true capacity as a sophisticated performer and artist.